A Guy Shares 15 Common Things He Thinks After Sleeping With You

What do men think about after sex? While this varies depending on the person and the situation, there’s no denying it would be nice to know what’s on his mind after you do the deed without having to ask him. As a guy, I’m here to help. If you’ve ever wondered what is going through his head after sex, here are some of the most common thoughts he might be having.

That was awesome!

If he isn’t thinking this after sleeping with you, there’s a good chance something went wrong. That being said, something would have to go really wrong for him not to have loved every second of it. That chemical rush that happens after you’ve been intimate with someone makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine. It’s amazing.

Did she climax?

Please note that this is the second thought on the list and not the first. I assure you I didn’t do that by accident. A guy will always think about how the sex was from his perspective first. Then (if he’s a good guy) he’ll think about what you got out of it. Contrary to popular belief, many guys do actually care if you enjoyed yourself too.

Am I the best she’s ever had?

Guys only want to think about the other people you’ve slept with if they’re superior to them. If it’s your first time sleeping with a guy, there’s a good chance he’ll wonder if he’s better in bed than everyone else you’ve been with. He probably won’t come out and ask, but if he does, this is where lying to him comes in handy.

Am I gonna have to stay over?

Okay, so this doesn’t apply to monogamous couples, but if it’s a one-night stand or a casual relationship, he’s planning a potential exit almost right away. Don’t worry, it’s not you; guys are usually eager to avoid staying over no matter who they sleep with. They just like their own space. Who doesn’t?

I hope she’s on the pill.

If you didn’t talk about your birth control situation beforehand, this thought should pop into a guy’s head at some point. The guys who don’t think about this are usually the same guys that won’t return your texts the next day.

Does she think this is going somewhere?

These are nervous moments for a guy. Heaven forbid a guy randomly sleeps with a woman who wants something more than a one-night stand. This is part of the reason why we try to plan our escape right away. It’s best to avoid this topic immediately after sex.

Is there gonna be a second round?

Unless a guy is so tired that he passes out right away, he’s probably going to think about the possibility of doing it again. I mean, since you’re both in bed with no clothes on, it’d be foolish not to consider it, right?

This girl is something special.

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but this isn’t something a guy will think every time after sleeping with someone. However, if the sex was good and you really wowed him, he will acknowledge to himself that you’re something special even if he’s not quite ready to admit it out loud just yet.

How will I describe this to my friends?

For the record, not all of us brag to our friends every time we sleep with someone, but there is surely a contingent of guys who do such a thing. For this crass group of guys, they’ll start thinking almost right away about the words he’ll use to describe your sexcapades to his friends.

What is this girl’s name again? 

Admittedly, this is not an ideal scenario. In a perfect world, you would remember the names of the people you sleep with. In our defense, the brain can be a little foggy immediately after sex. And if we were drinking the night before, chances are it was foggy then too. Sorry?

Where’s my phone?

Millennials are the worst. As soon as they finish having sex, they need to be scrolling down social media. In fairness, women do this too, but I think everyone who reaches for their phone immediately after sex should be a little ashamed of themselves.

How can I get something to eat?

Is it a little weird to think about food right after sex? Maybe, but it also makes sense to work up a hunger. If falling asleep right away isn’t an option, it’s only natural for a guy to think about a snack. Hopefully you’re game for it too and maybe you can order a pizza. He’d like that.

Does she smell that too?

Let’s be honest, there’s bound to be plenty of body odor and pheromones floating around the air right after sex. That can create some unusual smells, so it makes sense for most guys to wonder if they’re the only one smelling it.

I hope she says something first so I don’t have to.

Eventually, someone is going to have to break the awkward post-sex silence, right? That silence is the universe reminding you that sleeping with people you don’t know isn’t always a good idea. Rest assured, guys are aware of the post-sex silence and most of us are dedicated to not being the one who breaks it.

Guess there’s nothing left to do but fall asleep.

Look, if we’re not going to have sex again, if I can’t leave without being rude and if there’s nothing to eat, sleep is the next best option. I mean, if you have sex in a bed, falling asleep seems like the most natural thing to do. As soon as the sex is over, catching some zzz’s is usually on the mind of most men.

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