Guys, Here Are 10 Reasons “Bad Boys” Grab Our Attention More Than The Average Guy

Bad boys aren’t necessarily long-term relationship material, but there are reasons we fall for them over and over again. It’s definitely not true that we like to be mistreated, as self-proclaimed “nice guys” claim. Being respected and treated well is what we’ll ultimately go for, but bad boys are experts at doing these 10 things to win us over.

  1. They force us out of our comfort zones. Bad boys know how to challenge us and keep us on our toes. Dating them is never a conventional experience. Forget romantic dinners and elaborate plans —bad boys tend to go with the flow and fly by the seat of their pants because they don’t want to be seen as boring. Instead of trying to be perfect, they want to be the guy that shakes up our world. It gets annoying after a while, but it’s pretty refreshing too.
  2. They’re completely unpredictable. Bad boys are difficult to predict and this drives us crazy, eventually to the point that we never want to see them again. At first, though, that ability to keep us guessing not only keeps us on our toes but also intrigues the hell out of us. We never know what’s coming next and that’s pretty exhilarating… for a while, at least.
  3. They don’t always do as they’re told. Bad boys set their own rules and won’t just follow ours blindly. Even though we like it when a guy listens to what we have to say, it’s a huge turn-off if he always does just as we tell him. Bad boys know that, and they make it clear to us that if they do something we want them to do, it’s because it’s their choice alone. Guys aren’t the only ones who like a challenge.
  4. Bad boys don’t beat around the bush. They blurt things out right to our faces and sometimes make us wonder WTF their problem is. To be clear, there’s a big difference between a bad boy and a jerk. An jerk will deliberately bring you down to make himself feel better. A bad boy will be brutally honest and tell you things that you don’t like to hear, but deep down know are true.
  5. They don’t overthink — they take action. Bad boys don’t spend time overanalyzing situations or concocting different, unlikely scenarios in their minds. By refusing to overthink things, they can sometimes come off as insensitive and uncaring, but that’s not true at all. Instead, they think it’s better to work towards a solution to problems than it is to create problems where they don’t exist. The focus and determination they show in life are incredibly sexy.
  6. They aren’t afraid to be in charge in bed. Bad boys don’t question themselves when we have sex. They know how a woman’s biology works and they don’t need to have a conversation with us in bed to find out what makes us happy. That being said, they care about getting us off and will move mountains to make it happen, especially since it strokes their own ego. We also trust them to try new things since they appear to know what they’re doing.
  7. They don’t depend on other people’s advice. If their mom, sister or best friend has a low opinion of us, this isn’t going to affect them in the least. They know what they want and don’t doubt themselves. They have the guts to be with a woman that isn’t a safe choice or the girl their mom always imagined for them. They make their own decisions in every aspect of their lives.
  8. They don’t let us take them for granted. Bad boys aren’t always on time on dates or readily available every time we need them. This is a way to show to us that they don’t want to be taken for granted. Even though they’re usually very masculine, they instinctively understand female psychology and know how a woman’s mind works in a relationship. Just as they wouldn’t expect us to wait around for them, they certainly won’t do that for us. We have to work for it just as much as we make them work for it.
  9. Bad boys aren’t easy to figure out. There’s always a mysterious side to bad boys that we as women just don’t understand. They’ll never be an open book for us and they can still surprise us after years of knowing each other. That’s what keeps us interested — the challenge never goes away. We end up falling for them every time they make another comeback appearance in our lives, even if we’ve sworn never to see them again.
  10. They don’t overshare. Bad boys never completely open up to us about how they feel. They’ve loved and hurt like everybody else, but they hate to appear vulnerable to other people. Even though there’s nothing sexier than a guy showing his vulnerability and soft side, we appreciate the fact that we aren’t constantly reminded of it. They’re more likely to take on the role of protector, and while we can totally take care of ourselves, it IS nice when a guy wants to do it, at least for a little while.
Chrisa is a freelance travel and lifestyle journalist who is obsessed with urban life, big cities, and untold stories.