You May Think Guys Are Impressed By These 12 Things, But You’re Wrong

Just as some guys send pictures of their junk, thinking they impress us, there are things we women do to try to impress them that backfire. Here are 15 of the most common fails:

  1. Ordering a small salad on the first date. Seriously, guys often find it to be a turn-off to be with a girl who puts up a dainty front. More often than not, they’re impressed by a girl who will actually order what they want off a menu.
  2. Wearing designer clothing head to toe. Unless the guy works in fashion, this probably won’t make an impact. Most men just care that something looks good, not how much a girl spends on it.
  3. Being a classic mean girl to other women. From what I’ve personally heard and noticed, it’s actually more of a turn-off than anything. Take note, ladies. Cattiness is not a pleasant quality to have, and not just in the eyes of men.
  4. Dyeing your hair the “season’s latest color.” Most of the time, guys can’t tell you what the trends are supposed to be, and couldn’t care less about about what brands you’re wearing. As long as your hair looks good, they typically won’t care if the style’s from 1990 or 2015.
  5. Drinking whiskey. Okay, this might impress some country-type guys, but the truth is that it’s not something that you want to chance if you’re not a regular whiskey drinker. Nothing’s quite as bad or as sad as seeing a girl plastered on their first date.
  6. Not having an opinion. For a lot of guys, the girl who defers every single choice and opinion to the guy is the ultimate turn-off. Men actually do like a girl to have her own opinions, likes, and dealbreakers. Otherwise, she’s basically no different than a plastic Barbie doll that moves.
  7. Being overly sexual. It will impress men than you can be that open, but the problem is that it’ll also make them think that you’re in for a one night stand, which you’re (usually) not. Unless you’re only looking at them for a casual fling, don’t start talking like a foul mouthed sex star quite yet.
  8. Being overly available. There’s a reason why so many dating guides tell a girl that she needs to be “hard to get.” The truth is that a girl who will always make time for a guy isn’t really too hot to many guys. It tends to come off as desperate, and that’s not good.
  9. Being too lax with a guy’s behavior. Here’s a sad truth to dating: guys will test the waters to see what they can get away with when they’re chatting up a girl. Most of the time, we as women are taught that we should be nice and understanding, since the guy might actually have a good excuse for their bad behavior. The truth is that most of the time, they know what they’re doing. Call them out on their crap, and if the behavior warrants it, leave the date. Not putting up with BS is much more impressive than having the patience of a saint.
  10. Being a rebel without a cause. If you’re going to rebel, have a damned good reason for it. Being rebellious is only cool when you do it in moderation, and when you’re not actively destroying your life with it. When push comes to shove, guys don’t want to be seen with a hot mess.
  11. Bad manners. I’ve personally seen girls who tried to show off that they can be “the cool girlfriend” by eating wings in a super messy style, and also seen girls who tried to show off that they are proud to fart. Needless to say, quite a few of my guy friends have been grossed out by these odd displays of “macho” behavior.
  12. Faking who you are in order to make yourself match who he wants to be with. Mark my words —this is one of the biggest dating sins you can make. If you’re lying to your date about who you are, what you’re all about, or what you like, you are setting yourself up for complete and total failure. There is NO way this method of impressing guys actually will work in your favor, ever. At best, he’ll fall in love with the person you’re pretending to be, which will lead to a pretty miserable relationship. At worst, he’ll see right through it and reject you. Why do this to yourself?!

Guys should like you for you, not the front you put up. If you actually decide to be yourself, you’ll end up with a lot of good dates and very few bad ones.

Ossiana Tepfenhart works as an editor to FunNewJersey's magazine, and has been working with a massive series of lifestyle sites including Woman Around Town and