What Guys Don’t Understand About Strong Women

Strong women stand up for what we want and we don’t compromise our morals or beliefs just to have a guy in our lives. It’s a standard which makes finding someone solid enough to share our lives with pretty challenging. People make assumptions about us, accuse us of being frigid or bitchy, or outright dismiss us — and all because we don’t take crap from anyone. We’re completely misunderstood and we wish some of those guys out there would learn to decipher reality from the stereotypes.

  1. We’re not bitches, we just have standards. If a guy who’s into us makes a move and we’re not interested, we’re almost always automatically categorized as bitches when we’ve done our best to let him down as gently as we can. Yes, our demeanor can make us come across as a bit hard-faced, but it’s not because we’re on some high horse. It’s simply because we know what we want and we’re not about wasting anyone’s time when we know it’s not going to work out.
  2. We’re not prudes just because we don’t put out right away. Women like sex just as much as guys do, so why is it that we’re often assumed to be boring or a tease when we actually want to get to know a guy before hopping into bed with him? We know that hookup culture is raging, but that’s exactly why we’re not on the bandwagon. We’re not just strong women, we’re also smart and we’re looking for real love, not meaningless hookups.
  3. We’re fine on our own but we still have space in our lives for the right guy. It’s often said that strong women are those women who “don’t need a man” but that doesn’t mean we’re not eager and excited about finally meeting someone to share our lives with. We’re commanding our lives and trying to better ourselves constantly. We’ve got ambitions, career aspirations and good heads on our shoulders, but for the right guy, we’ll always accommodate space and time to factor love into our lives.
  4. We’re not demanding psychos… we just don’t tolerate B.S. behaviors. Strong women are often quick to be ridiculed and mocked by some men, especially in this politically challenging era. We’re not psychos, we’re not crazy, we simply don’t put up with disrespect. It’s really that simple.
  5. We’ve got pasts of our own that cause us to be cautious. We’ve been through challenging times of our own and we know what we want out of love concretely because we’ve experienced everything we didn’t want first. We’re not just going to abandon our goals or dismiss our preferences and so, we proceed with caution when it comes to the possibility of allowing our hearts to be unguarded again.
  6. We’re not rookies to relationships — how do you think we got so strong? We may come across as intimidating when it comes to love, but we’re actually amazing life partners because of our own past experiences. We’ve been in relationships and we’ve developed a relationship with ourselves — it’s the reason we became the strong and amazing women we are to begin with. We learned how to approach love and life from a place of strength and maturity and because of this, we’re secure with the way we look for love, even if some people don’t understand us.
  7. We expect respect, not to be spoiled monetarily. Just because we’re strong women who are dominating our own lives doesn’t mean we’re high maintenance and expect to be showered with luxuries. We provide our own luxuries to ourselves and when we seek a partner in life, we’re looking solely for someone who will not only love us genuinely but will respect us in a human way and won’t be threatened by the fact that we’re strong and capable women on our own.
  8. We practice kindness until we’re given reason to stand up for ourselves. Strong women are often the ones with the most tender hearts. We love deeply, care intensely and go above and beyond for the people who show us we can trust them and pay us the same kindnesses as we do of them. If we’re treated like crap or taken advantage of, we also won’t hesitate to put someone in check. We’re not the STFU type — we’re loud and proud of who we are against rude behavior.
  9. If you take a chance, we’re actually amazing partners. It’s exhausting trying to defend our natures but it’s even more exhausting being judged without even being given the chance to show who we are deep down. We wish more guys would understand that although we aren’t the typical soft-spoken and submissive types, we still have amazing and tender qualities to offer to the guys who actually take the chance to brave the world of a strong woman who knows what she wants out of love.