Guys, Here Are 9 Physical Signs A Woman Is Into You According To Her Body Language

While the signs of attractions are usually pretty obvious, sometimes in an attempt to be subtle, we women can really miss the mark and leave you guys in the dark about how we’re feeling. Is she into you, or just being nice? Is there attraction on her end, or has she actually friend-zoned you? Believe it or not, there are scientifically proven ways to know if a woman is into you. Here are some physical signs that show love may be in the air.

  1. Her body language is relaxed and open. If a woman’s arms are crossed when speaking to you, or she seems hunched over or even on the defense, this may be a sign that she doesn’t like you. She may be attracted to you if she sits with a relaxed posture and her arms are open. Look to see if she seems closed off and be ready to respect those boundaries.
  2. She takes part in mirroring behavior. Often humans will mimic the behavior of those they find attractive. This may mean copying posture, crossing her legs when you do, or touching her glasses or hair moments after you fiddle with yours. This usually happens subconsciously, but it’s a good sign that she is engaged with your presence or the conversation. Take this as a positive sign that she’s into you.
  3. She leans closer when you’re talking. If you and the woman you like are having a conversation and you notice that she often leans in closer to you, this is a great sign that she finds you attractive. Leaning forward implies interest, and even a tilted head in your direction can be interpreted as a flirtatious signal. Of course, she could just be trying to hear you better if you’re in a crowded place, but generally speaking, this is a good sign.
  4. She angles her body towards yours. A woman may be into you if she’s facing you directly while standing rather than being half-turned away. This degree of intimacy means she wishes to talk to you and you alone. If she has her knees angled toward you while sitting down, that also means she’s interested in the conversation and could be attracted to you. Watch out for when she turns away or points her knees towards the door. This may mean she doesn’t like you and is ready to leave the room.
  5. The tone of her voice changes. Women often speak in a higher pitch to the person they find attractive. If you notice that her tone of voice changes when she’s around you but stays lower around others, this may be a good sign that she has a crush on you. A higher pitch has been connected to increased attraction in women. Watch for the subtle changes in her tone to discover if she really likes you or not.
  6. Her pupils dilate when you’re speaking. This one is often harder to spot, but if you happen to notice it, it’s one of the better signs that someone finds you attractive. When oxytocin and dopamine release in the brain, it often affects pupil size. These chemicals are often called love hormones, releasing when you experience sexual or romantic attraction to someone. If you notice her pupils dilate (which, to be honest, can be pretty awkward without staring), it’s a biologically sound way of confirming her attraction to you.
  7. She blushes/her skin flushes during conversations. Blood flows to the face when we find someone attractive, which can cause flushed skin and blushing. It’s a psychological reaction to being shy, embarrassed, or romantically attracted to someone. Some think that blushing is meant to mimic the effect of orgasms, which create flushed skin. This may also be a reason that women wear blush as another way to attract a partner.
  8. She makes the first move on kissing you. Here’s an obvious one for those of you that always miss the other signs of attraction. Know that a woman is most likely into you if she kisses you, especially if she initiates the kiss. It’s always important to ask for a kiss if you’re still getting to know each other. Be ready for rejection. However, if she says yes and seems receptive and happy with the gesture, it’s a good sign that your attraction for each other could blossom into something else.
  9. She makes any excuse to touch you. If a woman leaves small touches on your arm or face during conversations, it’s a great sign that she’s flirting with you. This means that she finds you attractive and wants to get to know you more. Small touches mean that there is a desire to be closer to you, more intimate. Even subconscious touches will point to her crush on you.