Guys, It’s Time To Grow Up And Get Rid Of These 8 Habits

Guys, It’s Time To Grow Up And Get Rid Of These 8 Habits ©iStock/SrdjanPav

Maybe you grew up expecting that a woman is supposed to attend to your every need, but that’s not OK.  It’s time to grow up and take more responsibility for themselves by getting rid of these 8 habits:

  1. Not cleaning up after yourself. It’s not actually that difficult to pick up after yourself. You act like we’re expecting you to move mountains by asking you to wash a dish after you use it. We’re not your housekeeper, so you need to stop treating us like we are.
  2. Not owning real furniture. You can call it an anti-materialistic lifestyle all you want; it doesn’t change the fact that the only furniture in your apartment consists of a futon you found on a curb and some plastic milk crates you made into a shelf. You need to be grown-ups and buy a couch.
  3. Balling up your laundry instead of folding it properly. Folding isn’t hard, so why don’t you try it once in awhile? We know you don’t own an iron, but a neat way to get around it is hanging up your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. We’re pretty sure your mothers taught you that much.
  4. Being indecisive. We’re more than willing to be a sounding board when you’re up against a tough choice, but we can’t make that choice — only you can. You need to have confidence in your own ability to know what’s right, because we can’t be your walking conscience anymore.
  5. Constantly forgetting important dates. Why is it that guys can’t ever seem to remember their dad’s birthday, their sister’s anniversary party, or, hell, even Mother’s Day? We’re not your personal assistant, and we’re not in charge of your scheduling. If you forget to send a card, that’s on you, buddy.
  6. Avoiding confrontation. We can’t step in and fix things for you constantly. You shouldn’t put us in the middle of your issues, because they’re just that: your issues. It’s not our responsibility to help you grow up and grow a pair.
  7. Not being on top of your finances. We’re not all about the money, but when you can’t remember to pay your utility bills, we’re going to be concerned. That doesn’t mean we’re about to set an alarm in our own calendars to remind you though. You need to get your finances in order, and you need to do it without our help.
  8. Not owning your feelings. We’re not external emotional processing units. You can’t just input their emotions into our brains and have us sort everything out for you. Maturity comes in many different forms, and one of those is emotional. Real men can sort out complex feelings for themselves.
Becca Rose is a writer with high hopes for her student loan debt. She's a musician and aspiring novelist, but don't ask her to write poetry, because she's terrible at it. She has written for HelloGiggles, The Toast, The Huffington Post, and more. You can find her on Twitter @bookbeaut