Guys, All You Need To Do To Keep Women Happy Are These 12 Simple Things

Sometimes, women are seriously misunderstood creatures. Guys think we want the world, but it actually doesn’t take that much to keep us smiling. Just a few things, in fact, and they’re pretty simple.

  1. Take us on nice dates. No matter what we say, there isn’t a lady alive on this planet that would say no to being wined and dined. We like to put on a cute dress, make a bit of effort, and go for a nice dinner with one of our favorite people in the world. If you offer to pay for said dinner occasionally, then that’s a bonus—we sure do like to feel like we’re being treated by a perfect gentleman.
  2. Communicate with us. In our eyes, good communication is the key to any successful relationship. If we’re physically together, share things with us, tell us what’s on your mind, and makes us feel emotionally connected to you. If we’re apart, any kind of text or call shows us that you’re thinking of us and we appreciate it all.
  3. Be there for us when we need you. Whether it’s listening to us rant on for hours about our new boss Sandra at work who we can’t stand, or telling us a joke to cheer us up when we’re feeling hormonal, all we ask is that you’re there to comfort us. Sometimes we might need a bit of reassurance, but other times we just need you to be there and tell us it’s going to be OK.
  4. Pay attention to us. We understand that it’s impossible for you to give us attention constantly and we wouldn’t expect that of you, but we don’t like to be forgotten about. Don’t tune out while we’re trying to tell you the story of when our childhood dog Chester chased our first boyfriend down the road and don’t be glued to your phone when you’re supposed to be on a romantic dinner date with us. Pay us the relevant attention, make us feel like a priority in your life, and we’ll be happy.
  5. Make an effort with our friends and family. Chances are, we’re going to be close with our loved ones. They mean a lot to us and you mean a lot to us, therefore we’d love it if you could all get on. You don’t have to be best friends with our friends and family, but if you make an effort, it shows that you care.
  6. Tell us you love us. Often. You don’t have to tell us how much you love us all the time, we just like to hear it every now and then. And don’t just say it when you’re drunk after a boozy night out with your friends. To us, that doesn’t count.
  7. Make love to us regularly. Sure, the physical side of a relationship isn’t everything, but it’s still important to us. If you give us the good lovin’ every now and then, just the way we like it, then it helps us to feel even closer to you. Plus, orgasms equal endorphins, so there’s that.
  8. Be faithful to us. Guys, it’s not rocket science. If you love us, we kindly ask that you don’t cheat on us. If you do this, then we can’t trust you—and what’s a relationship without trust? I’ll tell you: nonexistent.
  9. Trust us. Similarly, you have to trust that we will be faithful to you. We can’t be dealing with a paranoid, jealous psycho of a boyfriend all the time. Sure, a little jealousy is normal, but you have to be able to control it. If we say that there’s nothing going on with good-looking Gerry from our office, you have to believe us.
  10. Admit when you’re wrong. It’s true that every couple argues, but we love it when you’re able to see our point of view. And if you’re willing to apologize for your wrongdoings? Even better! It means a lot to us when you just want to squash arguments as soon as they happen—and not drag them on all the livelong day. Because we want that too. Duh.
  11. Remember the important dates. We’re counting on you to remember the important stuff, like birthdays and anniversaries, otherwise, we’re likely to go crazy and won’t let you live it down. In fact, we’ll probably keep bringing it up that you forgot on every subsequent birthday or anniversary for as long as we’re both together. Just FYI.
  12. Don’t let the romance die. Sure, we want our partner to be our best friend, but we also need a little romance in our life. After all, we have heaps of best friends already—we only have one boyfriend. Spoil us every now and again, don’t forget the romance, and we’ll let you stick around long-term. (You’re welcome.)
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at