Guys Reveal “Guy Secrets” That Women Would Never Expect

As women, we sometimes tend to write guys off as simplistic and shallow, while at other times they can seem incredibly mysterious and nearly impossible to decipher. Now, thanks to a Reddit thread entitled “What are some guy secrets that girls don’t know about?” the veil has been lifted on some of their inner workings.

They play games in the bathroom.

According to user -eDgAR-, they don’t just use their time in the bathroom to get business done. “Sometimes we use the stream of our pee to try and clean poop stains on the bottom of toilet bowls,” he wrote. Well, that’s… nice?

They enjoy the finer things in life.

While it’s easy to assume a guy whose shower runs a little long is probably rubbing one out, Goobernut96 insists that there’s often a more wholesome explanation. “Just because we’re in the shower for an abnormally long time doesn’t mean we’re jerking off. Guys like to have long hot showers too ya know.”

They’re nervous about messing things up.

As women, sometimes we get frustrated when a guy doesn’t take the initiative to make a move, but Shermanator92 says that the onus shouldn’t all be on guys because many of them don’t want the responsibility. “If you want something to happen between us, you gotta meet us halfway. If we’re not making a move, we are probably doing our best to not [mess] it up,” he wrote.

Not all of them assume we’re into them.

It’s annoying when we’re flirting up a storm with a guy and he just doesn’t seem to be picking up what we’re putting down. As dy_lan10 explains, “It’s not that we can’t take hints; we are just afraid of looking too far into something. If someone is flirting with me I have the dilemma of ‘is she actually into me or is this just how her personality is?'”

You shouldn’t read too much into an erection.

In what was one of the most upvoted comments and a sentiment reiterated repeatedly, wasnew4s insisted that just because a guy gets wood, it doesn’t mean he’s sexually aroused. “Boners don’t automatically mean arousal. That will never be said enough.” Apparently, sometimes it just happens and it’s totally unwanted and inconvenient. Noted.

They like affection too.

Women are often seen as the ones who crave physical affection more while guys are perceived as standoffish and only partake in the touchy-feely stuff to please us. Not so, says toothless-nonsense. “I like hugs…” he admitted. From the upvotes, 23.1k people agreed.

Their brains aren’t always full of deep thoughts.

When you ask a guy what’s on his mind and he says “nothing,” he’s not always lying. LDodge7047 says that there’s usually not some big issue dominating their brains, writing, “When you ask what are we thinking about and we say ‘nothing,’ we really mean it. Never underestimate a guy’s ability to not being thinking about stuff at all times.”

They appreciate a good compliment.

You know how good it feels when someone tells you they like your outfit or your hair looks great? That’s not something that’s unique to guys. As RedditIsMyCity revealed, “Compliments will last for weeks, months, even years. Guys are crazy for a simple ‘You’re hot’ or ‘You’re really handsome’ or something with their personality or looks.”

They like to be cuddled too.

If you’re into spooning, you’re probably used to being the little spoon. After all, your boyfriend is probably taller/bigger and you love feeling safe and protected in his arms, right? Well, sometimes switching it up could be a welcome change. “Sometimes we like to be the little spoon,” fire_biscuit said.

Sometimes they’re not hiding something, they’re just weird.

As pm_me_ur_rice_noodle hilariously relayed, sometimes guys aren’t being secretive or nefarious, they’re just super random and don’t want you to realize how silly they are. “I spent an hour or so this morning reading about fighter jets then dozed off and dreamt that I was a pilot. Then I remembered a cool folder I had once with a t-rex flying a fighter jet on it. I laughed out loud at that memory and when my wife asked why, I said not to worry about it. Then I laughed again because I thought about a t-rex trying to fit in at flight school. My wife and I are now fighting because she thinks I’m hiding something. We’re really not that mysterious—sometimes we’re just laughing at a t-rex trying taking notes on wind speed and lift.”

They suffer from mental and emotional health issues too.

Depression, anxiety, and related conditions aren’t just something that women deal with. As iwaspromisedjetpacks importantly pointed out, “Men have just as many issues with mental health – depression, anxiety, body issues. Please recognize this. I hate living in a world where it’s not socially acceptable for men to talk about these things. A lot of guys would talk about their experiences and issues but don’t feel like they can. I feel like we just sort of ignore the issue and guys that have mental health issues are sort of looked down upon because men are all supposed to be outgoing and confident. Maybe you have a guy friend who doesn’t get out a lot, maybe he’s acting strange or isn’t totally there – this might be why.”

They love when you take an interest in their hobbies.

It’s great when you find that you have a hobby or passion in common with your partner or even your crush, and guys seem to take a particular pleasure in this. BlueLantern84 explained, “If we have a goofy hobby and you take interest in it, even the slightest, we love it. I’m a big gamer and my wife (who also games but not the same ones I play) will often watch what I’m doing, ask about the game, and generally take an interest. Her saying ‘oh, are you looking forward to Anthem?’ is really cool and I appreciate her interest, it’d be so easy for her to pay no attention, and her doing so makes a big difference.”

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