11 Guys Reveal The Reasons They Instantly Stopped Crushing On A Woman

Doesn’t it suck when you like someone and they do to something totally terrible/insane and you immediately lose your crush on them? Over on Reddit, men and women shared the sometimes random reasons this happened in their own lives. Here’s what some of the guys had to say.

  1. She made fun of his family. Talking crap about people is immature and childish but it’s also a total dealbreaker when it comes to someone’s family. User bumpedcar shared, “My crush knew I was attracted to her, but she made fun of my little sister ([who had a]different last name) in front of me and then looked to me in approval.” Nope!
  2. She played bizarre and unnecessary games. Aazdan remembered a particularly strange situation with a woman, sharing, “There was this woman I thought I got along with really well. One day she gives me her number and asks me out that weekend. I call her later and she doesn’t answer the phone or text but sees me a couple days later and says she doesn’t check her phone much. I confirm we still have plans and she says yes. That day I show up to meet her, she doesn’t show. I call and she doesn’t answer. I see her the next day and she apologizes and makes plans again a few days later. I call again before we’re supposed to meet up, but this time from my other phone, which was a number she didn’t know. She answers, I say who it is and she hangs up on me.” WTF?
  3. She had an ugly personality. You can be incredibly attractive physically speaking and ugly as hell personality-wise. CoTripper remembered, “She was mean. Like really cruel to people. She went from really hot to not looking very good. One of my friends ended up dating her and I just could never see anything remotely attractive in her anytime I saw them.”
  4. She only talked about herself. There’s nothing worse than someone who’s self-centered, as trendz19 found out. “She liked to talk about herself, I am more of a listener, so, it was fine. During one such self-praise session at our date, she was like, ‘I don’t know why but everyone just keeps ending up having a crush or me, some even think they’re in love.’ I thought to myself, can I listen to nonsense like this all my life? The voice inside my head said, you don’t even tolerate sh*t that’s half this crazy from your family, are you really asking the question?
  5. She was a gold digger. DepressedBard shared his experience dating someone who wanted a free ride. “[She] told me she wanted an ‘old-fashioned’ man that would pull out chairs for her, take her out to really high-end restaurants and pay for the whole bill and whisk her off to foreign cities to stay in uber expensive hotels. Did I mention she brought her kid with her to the date?”
  6. She was an anti-vaxxer. Yes, these people do exist. Vicious407 explained simply, “She said vaccines cause autism.” Yep, that’s a deal breaker for most sane people.
  7. She was a bit lazy. No one wants to date someone who has no ambition and isn’t willing to contribute to society, but that’s exactly what aaaaacorn dealt with. “She had been searching for a job for over 2 months while I helped support them,” he recalled. “Then she turned down a job offer because she felt her interviewer was rude to her… because she was late to the interview…”
  8. She killed her dog for no reason. In one of the more insane stories, RonSwansonsOldMan shared, “She had her dog put down before leaving for college because she didn’t believe anybody would take as good of care of him as she did. It was an English Sheep dog. She didn’t see the irony in what she did. Of course, it was probably hard for her to understand me as I was pretty much screaming in her face.”
  9. She was a little too into her horoscope. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying reading about your star sign, but BobADemon wasn’t into a woman who took it all a little too seriously. “She was super serious about astrology. So did what every horoscope told her, and it was mind-numbing,” he wrote.
  10. She turned out to be racist, homophobic, and kind of insane. Suitology had a crush on a girl he went to school with… until he realized what she was really like. He wrote, “[I had a] huge crush in on this one girl in my college English class. She was a bit religious but whatever, didn’t talk about it too much, we talked all the time, did a few projects together, found out she wasn’t dating this one guy anymore, looked up her facebook, found her posts about using pig fat covered bullets to shoot Muslims in Iraq and posts about how school shootings are because we don’t allow God in schools. few more scrolls got to some homophobic stuff. Major turn off and disappointment.”
  11. She was already taken. While some guys wouldn’t mind hitting on a woman who was already in a relationship, JustALittleWeird wasn’t one of them. “She said she had a boyfriend. Crush lost instantly. I ain’t [messing] with their relationship, let them be happy and cut your losses fellas.”
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