Guys Reveal The 9 Things They Would Hate About Being A Woman

Men and women sometimes seem like totally different species, and most of us wouldn’t want to be the opposite sex for the world. In fact, over on the AskMen subreddit this week, men sounded off on what they thought the absolute worst things are about being a woman—and frankly, I kinda agree with them.

  1. Periods Literally, that’s it. User HappyApu expressed an opinion shared by most women: periods suck. Plenty of men agreed with him too—his thread had more than 200 replies from both men and women basically issuing an “AMEN!”
  2. Childbirth Mundatorem_ wouldn’t want anything to do with giving birth to a baby, but frankly, neither do a lot of women (myself included). He cites the pain involved with his reasoning, and while there are drugs available to make the process less torturous, I don’t think it can be described as pleasant by any means.
  3. Not enough pockets in clothes Maybe men do understand women more than we thought! At least RideFarmSwing gets our frustration with the lack of pockets and the tininess of the ones that do come in clothes. Can’t a girl get a decent place to store her keys, money, phone, or whatever else without having to carry a bag?!
  4. Having big boobs As TheDrMonacle explained, “Ever watch a woman run? (of course you have, you liar). Seeing them bounce all over the place looks annoying as [f***]. I get annoyed if I’m casually jogging with a bag that’s not secured super well. Can’t imagine having those going all over the place.” As a woman with big boobs, I can confirm this is indeed THE WORST. Well-fitting sports bras help but they’re not everything.
  5. Having to worry about our personal safety As women, we often feel like guys don’t get the inherent fear women have to live with on a daily basis in regards to our personal safety. However, that’s not the case and MagicalMonarchofMo gets it. “Just the immense concern for my physical safety over things that I, as an adult man, no longer have to worry about,” he wrote. “Women, on the other hand, worry about going to a bar with friends in the early evening. I never have to genuinely ask myself how far I’ll have to walk to get to my car, or whether I can get a friend to pick me up if something goes wrong, or that the guy walking a hundred feet behind me and my group of pals on a sidewalk at 9 PM is going to try and hurt me. Women, unfortunately, seem to have to worry about these things all the time. Just, so wrong.” Way too true.
  6. Not being able to trust guys’ intentions How many times have you gone on a date with a guy who seemed totally into you, only to get dumped when you didn’t put out on the first night? Woooooowwe understands your pain (or at least never wants to have to experience it firsthand), naming the worst female experience as “having people be fake towards you just because they want to get in your pants.”
  7. Not being taken seriously Ugh, this really does suck. As EquanimousThanos posted, “I’ve seen the way some people ignore the opinions and concerns of women and chalk it up to that time of the month or even more vulgar things. Much respect to woman in the business world who have to deal with a lot of bull****.”
  8. Assertiveness being seen as a bad thing Mahaloth can’t imagine “being viewed as bitchy if I push for what I want,” so I guess it’s a good thing that he’s not a woman since it’s something we deal with every day. A guy who’s outspoken is assertive but when women do it, there’s a problem. Talk about a double standard.
  9. Having to deal with the opposite sex In what was perhaps the most LOL-worthy response (though not particularly untrue), carlthemagichippo simply wrote, “Dealing with men.” Way to hit the nail on the head, dude.
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