Guys, Stop Buying Women Flowers—We Want Rose Succulents Instead

While it’s always nice when a guy is thoughtful and romantic enough to want to bring you flowers, a dozen roses or even a cheap gas station bouquet are old news. These days, it’s all about the rose succulent.

  1. Because they’re not flowers, they last so much longer. The rose succulent (official name Greenovia Dodrentalis) is called such because it has layered petals arranged in a way that makes it look like a rose. Duh! According to Bored Panda, they’re unfortunately mostly only found in the Canary Islands, so getting your hands on one of these might be a bit harder than a bunch of daffodils.
  2. They’re a super unconventional gift. Anyone can grab a cheap bouquet of flowers from the local supermarket, and while that’s still super sweet, it’s also an even more thoughtful and unique gift to source a plant that’s more unique and rare. Obviously your boyfriend doesn’t need to fly to the Canary Islands to get a rose succulent for you (though if he does, he should bring you with him), but going off the beaten track to get you something special is always appreciated.
  3. They’ll satisfy the math nerd in all of us. The great thing about rose succulents is that they’re a perfect example of the Fibonnaci Sequence. You probably heard about this in middle school math, but basically it’s a sequence of numbers where each number equals the sum of the two before it. There are plenty of examples of how this is expressed in nature (if you’ve ever seen a Romanesco, you’ll recognize the pattern) and the rose succulent is one of them.
  4. They’re just so darn pretty. If you’re a lover of plants, any kind of succulent is probably a welcome addition to your garden, windowsill, or anywhere else in your house. What’s better than having a plant that looks like a flower around to look at and brighten up your day? Nothing—except for maybe if the guy you love is the one to give it to you.

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