Newsflash, Guys — Summer Attire Isn’t An Excuse To Hit On Every Woman You See

Newsflash, Guys — Summer Attire Isn’t An Excuse To Hit On Every Woman You See ©iStock/zegers06

Guys, that wonderful time of year is upon us where you seem to suddenly lose control over your urges and decide it’s okay to yell obscene things at women from your moving vehicle or blatantly rubberneck us when we walk down the street. Yes, we’re wearing fewer items of clothing this time of year. No, this isn’t an invitation to gawk at or hit on every woman you see. Get a grip, fellas, because we seriously dislike getting aggressively creeped on by strangers when we’re just trying to go about our day.

  1. It’s hot AF outside. Seriously, there’s a very practical reason women wear tiny outfits during the summer, and it’s that it’s hot as balls all day every damn day. It’s literally too humid to get skinny jeans on successfully over sweaty thighs, so let a girl live and don’t harass us just because we’re wearing shorts.
  2. A woman’s comfort is important. A woman’s comfort is important, both in her clothes and generally out in the world. She has the right to be comfortable temperature wise by wearing summer clothes, and to feel safe out in the world without the fear of having a stranger randomly tell her about his sexual desires. Don’t stress her out because you’re horny.
  3. Women don’t enjoy being catcalled. Maybe your friend’s cousin’s friend knows a guy who once hooked up from a catcall, but that story is yet to be confirmed. Generally, women hate being catcalled. It might seem fun to you, especially this time of year when your windows are already rolled down, but I guarantee you’re making our day worse. It might feel like you can drive away consequence-free if we aren’t interested, but your actions cause an effect: that we’ll be pissed off by your immaturity.
  4. Lame weather-related puns will get you nowhere. Something about it being hot and us also making you hot? Or hosing us down with something? Your popsicle? It’s all terrible. Really, really,  just don’t.
  5. Leaving the house isn’t attention seeking behavior. We leave the house in order to engage with the world in an outfit that makes us feel comfortable. Nothing about that says we’re seeking sexual attention from men. Women aren’t flattered by unwanted attention, so don’t make an ass out of yourself. Even a woman who would have been interested in you in a different circumstance won’t appreciate being hit on when she’s busy trying to do something. Just because we changed our closets over to our summer wardrobe doesn’t mean we’ve changed how she feels about being hit on in inappropriate places.
  6. Revealing clothing can boost confidence and body positivity. Aside from the practical reason to wear tinier outfits in the summer, some women just like them because they make us feel good. If we want to feel confident and sexy without being constantly hit on, can you just let us?
  7. We want to look cute — that doesn’t mean we want to have sex. A summer outfit isn’t the same thing as a sign that reads, “I’d like to bone — please talk to me about it!” If you think we’re asking to be hit on because of our outfit, you’re part of the problem. What feels like an innocent comment to you can actually contribute to rape culture and make the woman you’re talking to feel super crappy. Guys, it’s time to do better. Stop hitting on every woman who wears a cute pair of shorts or a tank top… she probably really just wants to get her errands done in peace.
Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.