Seriously, Guys With These Texting Habits Need To Just Stop

Seriously, Guys With These Texting Habits Need To Just Stop ©iStock/PeopleImages

Unless you’ve had one of those rare in-person first meetings, chances are you’re going to exchange a few texts with a guy before you hang out. While it can be impossible to read tone and intention from a typed message, a guy’s texting style can tell you a lot about his personality. Here are 12 types of guy texters and what you can expect from them:

  1. The novelist You ask him a question and receive a huge block of text in response. Sometimes it’s so many words at once that you need to take a second before you read the whole thing. If you’re into sending long texts, this can be a great way to communicate. If not, it can just get overwhelming.
  2. The rapidfire texter He always texts back immediately, sometimes with multiple texts all at once. Does he have anything else to do? Is he talking to anybody else? Sometimes we all text back a little too quickly, but when his responses are literally constant and he seems to be hanging onto your every word, that can get annoying.
  3. The man of few words In person, he’s talkative and engaging, but over text, you’re lucky to get a full sentence out of him. “Lol” and “ok” are two of his favorite texts to send. Obviously you’re not looking for 1,000 word texts, but a response longer than “haha that’s cool” would be nice once in a while.
  4. The drunk texter During the day he’s pretty quiet, but around midnight, you hear from him like clockwork. Sometimes he still makes sense but other times you can tell he’s already gone. Why does he only text you when he’s drunk? And why’s he drunk so often, anyway? This should definitely sound some alarm bells.
  5. The horny texter You hear the most from him when he starts sending winky-faces. Sometimes you’re in the mood to play along (hey, sexting can be hot) but other times you just don’t feel like getting into it. He may also try to start sexting during weird times, like when you’re with family or at work. Chances are, you don’t want to talk about his penis while you’re at Macaroni Grill with your parents.
  6. The overly-concerned texter He’s always checking on you to see how you’re doing. Unless you’re already super close, you probably won’t feel like venting to a guy over texting.It’s nice in small doses, but when he’s constantly asking “how are you?” and you’re constantly saying “good, you?” it gets a little boring. This kind of texting also borders on clingy, which can send a lot of girls running.
  7. The “good morning” texter These guys are notorious in the texting-verse. The main question with them is: how many other girls get these texts? They’re not hard to replicate. All he has to do is copy and paste and send it to as many girls as he feels like. It can also feel like a little too much attention, especially when you’ve first started talking. Am I really the first person you thought of this morning? I kind of hope not.
  8. The left fielder Months will go by without you guys talking, but the one day out of the blue he’ll send you a text. It seems you never hear from him when he’s on your mind, only when you haven’t thought of him in weeks. Sometimes it’s nice to get a text from him, but other times it’s just too random.
  9. The emoji artist Emojis are a lot of fun, but a little can go a long way. Too many smileys and turd emojis just make him sound immature. They can also give the appearance that he’s trying a little too hard to be funny or cute.
  10. The disappearing act You’ll be having a great conversation, and then he disappears halfway through and resurfaces a few days later like nothing happened. And if he does explain, he’ll just say how incredibly busy he was. Cleary if he’s too busy to answer a text, he’s probably too busy for anything more serious.
Amy Victoria is a writer who lives in Florida. You can usually find her drinking Diet Coke and obsessing over fictional relationships.