Guys, Here Are 20 Little Things You Can Do To Make Us Happy

I know guys often think that pleasing a woman is rocket science, but it’s actually relatively straightforward. Deep down, the fairer sex isn’t as complicated as we first may seem. In fact, it’s often the little things that guys do that make us ridiculously happy.

Tell us we’re beautiful with or without makeup. 

Whether we’ve just awoken from a deep sleep or have a face full of makeup on for a night on the town, always tell us that we’re beautiful and you appreciate us. Why? Well, it makes us appreciate you too.

Send us a good morning and a good night message.

Even if it’s a quick “morning babe” or “goodnight, speak tomorrow,” we really like hearing from you first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This shows that you’re thinking about us just as much as we’re thinking about you and will earn you a mass amount of bonus points.

Give us attention, even when sports are on TV

Sure, we get that you’re into your sports, but can’t you just act like you’re listening to what we’re saying when a match is on instead of your eyes being practically glued to the screen? It’s kind of rude to ignore us and it makes us sad.

Run the errand yesterday instead of tomorrow.

Don’t be a tomorrow-saurus and just get on with the thing that we’ve asked you to do 20 days in a row. I mean, we get that you’re busy with other things but it’s starting to become a bit of a joke and we don’t like it.

Put the toilet seat down when we’re in the house. 

One of the simplest tasks in the world seems to be one of the hardest for some of the male species. We don’t think that we’re being unreasonable by asking you to respect toilet etiquette and just put the darn seat down already.

Brush the hair away from our face. 

Rogue hairs are the bane of our lives, so we’d be grateful if you could take the time to remove pesky strays from our field of vision. It’s also kind of romantic and stuff. Swoon.

Introduce us as your girlfriend to new people with a big smile. 

Don’t just say, “Oh, this is so-and-so” when you’re introducing us to people that we haven’t met before. Rather, show us off, crack a winning smile, and act like you’re proud to be with us—and we’ll love you forever.

Feed us when we’re hungry. 

Sounds painless enough, but it’s amazing how many males get this wrong. Hungry women can quite easily become hangry in a matter of 30 seconds (guilty as charged); therefore, you need to be able to hone the skill of feeding us before we turn into the Incredible Hulk.

Grab us a hot water bottle and bar of chocolate when it’s the time of the month. 

Periods suck and guys will never understand something that they’ve never experienced before, but attempting to understand it by bringing us a hot water bottle for our troubles means a lot to us. Throw in a bar of chocolate and you will easily become our favorite person of the day.

Say “no” immediately when we ask you if we’ve put on weight. 

This should be an automatic reflex. Do not, under any circumstances, pause and look us up and down while you’re deciding what to say. You might be asked to leave the room and never come back.

Carry our shopping bags when we’re at the mall. 

Shopping bags are heavy and we often need help with them, especially because we’ve just bought five shirts and three pairs of shoes we obviously don’t need. If you’re a gentleman, open store doors for us and carry our shopping bags, then it shows us that chivalry isn’t dead like we’re lead to believe in 2019.

Pretend you’re as enthusiastic as we are about the new dress we’re about to buy. 

Us gals often need a second opinion, OK? And this opinion has to come from you if you’re the only one shopping with us. Nod along, answer questions when needed, and act like you care even if you couldn’t give two hoots—it will earn you the utmost respect.

Massage our feet when we’ve had a long, stressful day. 

We often need a bit of extra attention and TLC when we’re feeling run down with life, so be a dear and give us a massage to relax us. We might even return the favor. 

Humor us when we’re telling you the gossip we just found out about Susan’s friend Sandra’s cheating husband. 

We know that you don’t know Susan, Sandra, or Sandra’s husband, but this is the juiciest piece of gossip since we don’t know when. Act like you’re just as interested/shocked/upset as we are (delete as applicable) and we’ll know that you’re a keeper.

Not wear sweatpants several days in a row. 

Sure, wear sweatpants on the odd day where you’re just lounging around the house, but it needs to end there. We realize that they’re comfy but they make you look like a sloth and we didn’t fall in love with a sloth. Go figure.

Groom yourself regularly. 

Again, we want a BF who makes an effort for us, not a lazy slob. If you don’t keep yourself looking and feeling well-maintained, then why should we? I mean, do you really want a hairy gorilla of a GF?

Take us to a nice restaurant every once in a while. 

It doesn’t have to cost much, but date nights are wonderful for keeping the spark between a couple alive. If you treat us ladies nicely, then we will treat you just as well. Hello, happy relationship.

Pretend you’re enthusiastic about watching this week’s new episode of The Bachelor, even if you’d rather watch anything else. 

We like it when you take an interest in what interests us regardless of how you secretly think and feel about it. It makes us feel special. 

Remember important dates like our birthday and anniversary. 

Again, it sounds simple but it’s amazing how many dudes get this one wrong with disastrous consequences. If we can make the time and effort to remember special occasions, then you should be able to as well.

Tell us every day how much you love us. 

Even if it’s a quick “I love you” in a text or shouted as you head out of the door, knowing that we’re loved makes us the happiest of all—because we love you too.

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