Guys, If You Think All Women Are Crazy, You’re The Real Problem

Women are no strangers to being called “crazy” by guys who are either ranting about a psychotic ex-girlfriend or throwing the label around as a get-out-of-jail-free card for acting like jerks. But the most toxic kind of bachelor out there is the guy who claims all of us are insane. Maybe if these dudes would take a look in the mirror, they might finally figure out that THEY’RE the real problem.

  1. Fact: everyone has crazy potential when provoked. It should be common sense that when you do something terrible to anyone, they’ll more than likely react. It’s a defense mechanism that’s literally embedded into any living thing. If you poked a sleeping lion, would you expect it to wake up and cuddle up to you happily? Come on, now. Use your head.
  2. If you act like a jerk, women will react. You have the power to react like a grown man or an idiot when conflict arises with the woman you’re dating, and the guys who call women crazy are the latter. If you ghost us, disappear for days on end, fail to pull your weight or make any effort to make a real relationship work, you’re going to get called out for your crap. Don’t pretend to be surprised and dumbfounded by it as if women are pathologically insane. Take responsibility for your actions before using this lame line.
  3. There’s some clear bitterness you need to sort out. We can’t help but immediately think that any guy who actually thinks that all women are crazy is probably jaded AF and hasn’t gotten over their own past experiences — it’s actually quite sad. Women heal from their breakups, whereas men typically just deal with it and compartmentalize things… and throwing the crazy label in there is a pretty damn common compartment. If this is your pattern in moving on from relationships, you really need to sort out your demons and stop assuming that every woman you come into contact with is going to make your life hell.
  4. The only thing these women have in common is you. If all of your ex-girlfriends are the crazy lunatics you say they were, chances are, you probably made them that way. If you took the time to truly think about why your relationships before went south, there’s definitely a pattern and it has to do with how you handle conflict. It happens to the best of us.
  5. If you think all women are crazy, you aren’t mature enough to date at all. Some of these guys are commenting on article feeds or including their immature beliefs about women on their online dating profiles, all the while complaining that they can’t find love and that there are no good women out there. Umm, what? Here’s some life advice: stop trying to date until you have a better attitude. There are ZERO things attractive about a guy who says all women are crazy.
  6. Just because one woman screwed you over, that isn’t an excuse. We get it — someone really did a number on you and perhaps you’ve experienced some less than fun moments with more than one woman in your past, but it’s not a reason to place blame on an entire gender, the same way it’s not cool to call all men jerk. There are bad apples in every bunch. It’s a part of life, so stop making yourself look like a fool by blanketing all women into one category.
  7. You’re not fooling anyone with your sob story. Oh, woe is you — some woman made the demise of your relationship miserable. Join the club because there are men who have done the same thing to women. Those guys who try and excuse themselves by telling the tale about how and why he essentially now thinks all women are completely insane aren’t convincing us otherwise. We have our own horror stories about guys in our pasts but the difference is, many of us still look at a new potential boyfriend with a fresh set of eyes. Calling all women crazy is a giant red flag that you’re not mature enough to understand or date women.
  8. Women are sick of this crap. If you want to make an argument about women or a specific type of woman, at least make it intelligent. Saying all women are crazy only proves how close-minded you are about us.
  9. Grow the hell up. It’s time for guys to start making a change in the way they constantly gaslight and throw women onto the crazy bus. Women aren’t all crazy and not all guys are jerks, but the guys and gals who still blanket these terms have a lot of growing up to do. Instead of acting like someone who’s clearly just jaded, deal with your crap and come to terms with your behavior and emotions. Take a look in the mirror and at the real problem. Hint: it’s probably you.