Sorry, But Guys Will Think You’re Crazy If You Do These 10 Things

While nine times out of 10 it’s BS when a guy calls you crazy, it’s important to note that sometimes a woman’s behavior is legit a little bonkers. Here are some things you may be doing to earn this title in his eyes.

  1. Constantly texting and calling him There’s a difference between showing how much you care and becoming overbearing. There are a ton of rules when it comes to texting etiquette, but in general, if you’re texting him and calling all through the day, that might be viewed as too much. All human beings need space and time to themselves. If you don’t, that’s honestly something you need to address.
  2. Talking about the future too early Nothing makes a guy run away faster than you talking about what you’re going to do next year when you’ve just been dating a few weeks. While you may see a bright future, that’s not always the case for your partner. Keep some of those dreams and hopes close to your chest and wait for the relationship to progress. Don’t scare a guy away because you’ve got a good feeling about things.
  3. Insisting on meeting friends and family right away Here’s the thing; meeting a person’s loved ones is something that only happens when you’ve established trust. If you start asking for this early on, he’ll probably start to think you’re crazy because no confidence has been built but you’re acting like it has. As excited as you are to get to know your new guy, take a step back when it comes to seeking entrance into his close circle of friends and family.
  4. Making demands In general, demanding something isn’t a courteous thing to do. I have seen so many women talk about how they always get what they want. That type of behavior is not only unflattering but is always short-lived. No one likes to feel like they’re being used. If you’re continually demanding, guys will see you as crazy for thinking that he’ll gladly put up with your shenanigans.
  5. Asking for access to all his passwords I believe trust is essential in a relationship. I don’t have any of my boyfriend’s passwords because I trust him. If you need his password, he isn’t the one for you. Some women say that’s dumb, but it’s a great show of confidence in who he is. When you ask for his passwords, you’re suggesting that you don’t trust him. This is a slight to most men, especially if they’ve given you no reason to doubt them.
  6. Digging up personal information about him behind his back I don’t know why so many women want to know everything about a guy from every source but him. I’ve had girlfriends that have pulled their boyfriend’s friends aside or messaged his ex on social media. This type of behavior always has a way of coming out, and when it does, you’re going to look crazy! If you want to get to know a person, talk to them. It’s OK to verify that information but you have to get from the source first!
  7. Trying to merge your lives early on I experienced this with a guy and I’ll tell you right now that it feels creepy and scary to have someone suddenly start showing up at places or calling you at specific times when they know you’ll be free. I understand wanting to spend a lot of time with someone you have feelings for, but it can quickly feel like you’re being stalked. Don’t do it!
  8. Blowing up over little things It’s OK to get upset and to express that, but getting to a point where you yell or act out is a sign of emotional instability. No one wants to deal with that. If you show these signs at any point in a relationship, you will get the crazy label and your relationship will end soon after that.
  9. Acting like everything is fine when it’s not This may sound over the top, but when you do this, people start to question your mental stability. I have this one friend who won’t say anything after a fight and acts as if nothing happened. Then, weeks or months afterward, she’ll bring up something I said a long time ago and use it against me. This type of plotting and planning isn’t something a lot of mentally healthy people do. If something’s wrong, address it and then move on.
Hannah is a twenty-something-year-old freelance writer, obsessed with reality TV, and all things sweet.