Guys, Try Sending Us One Of These 10 Texts If You Want To Make Our Day

Guys, if you want to bring a smile to your girl’s face first thing in the morning but you’re fresh out of ideas when it comes to what to say, listen up—I’ve got you covered with some options that women would love to receive.

  1. “Good morning.” If you can’t think of something cute and creative, rest assured that a simple good morning text will surely make your lady’s day, and it’s better than nothing. This might seem overrated to some guys but most women are into simplicity. We love a text just to know that we’re being thought of in the morning by the men we’re googly-eyed over.
  2. “Hi, beautiful.” Ladies love a genuine compliment, even if we aren’t always the best at accepting them. Although typing out something so basic might seem like the bare minimum, it isn’t. It shows effort and lets us know that not only are you thinking about us first thing in the morning but that you’re admiring us for our beauty and making sure we know it and feel confident as well.
  3. “Good morning. I have a fun day planned for us…” Women get excited about seeing our guys, and when we know that you’re feeling the same way, it’s a heightened sense of excitement. We love to know that our guys are looking forward to seeing us, especially if they’re the one planning the day. A text like this is a great way to show us that not only are we being thought of in the morning but that our guys are enthusiastic about the upcoming date we have that day.
  4. *Insert a joke to appeal to your lady’s sense of humor, then say “P.S. Good morning!”* Humor is one quick way to a capture a woman’s heart. If we’re not morning people, this could really get us out of our morning rut and win you some bonus points in our eyes. However, there’s a small risk if you’re going to go with humor as a part of your good morning text, and I’d say it’s probably best for more serious relationship stages. You really have to understand our senses of humor or it could wildly backfire on you.
  5. “I wish I was waking up next to you.” When we wake up to a text like this, our vivid minds start spiraling into action and we’re immediately thinking about what would be going on if we were waking up next to our guys. That, of course, is the ideal way to wake up, but since you can’t always wake up next to your love, a text like this is a guaranteed way to make us smile bright and early.
  6. “If I was waking up next to you right now, I’d…” and finish the sentence accordingly. This text can be used as an add-on to the previous point or just a simple text to get the blood flowing in all the right places. It could be as simple as our guys saying they’d kiss our foreheads or as intimate as them telling us exactly where their hands would be on our bodies. Either way, receiving a text like this in the morning is a welcomed way to start our days.
  7. “Good morning, I hope you have a positive and productive day.” Showing some motivation and encouragement at the beginning of the day, especially unexpectedly, is something that is sure to brighten a lady’s day. Positivity from our love interests in the morning has the ability to add sparkle to our days and might even kick the morning blues if we’re not morning people.
  8. “I had so much fun with you last night.” This type of message, whether it’s about a great conversation that you have the night before or a follow up after a date, will certainly make us feel all the feels early in the morning. Plus, ladies dig it when we don’t have to be the one to initiate conversation.
  9.  “Since you kept me awake in my dreams all night, it’s only appropriate I wake you up this morning.” The reason this type of text message is desired is that as women, we really enjoy being thought of, whether that’s in our guys’ dreams or in his random daily thoughts. Knowing we were the topic of his dreams is sexy and exciting! So, guys, don’t be afraid to let us know that you dreamt of us all night. Trust me, it will make our days.
  10. “I can’t wait to see you tonight.” It’s normal to count down the minutes until you get to be with the person you’re crazy about, so it’s a given that communicating enthusiastic feelings about seeing your lover is the perfect way to start our day. It builds anticipation all day and makes it even more enjoyable when we finally get together that night.
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