Guys, Want Us To Think You’re Sexy? Try This

Listen up, guys — if you want women to stop thinking you’re all players, you’re going to have to step up to the plate and help us out here. We know you’ve got it in you — you just need to make a little more effort because some of the crap you guys are pulling just isn’t working for us. Here are some easy ways you can get our interest:

  1. Pay thoughtful compliments. OK guys, I know sometimes you lack creativity, but for crying out loud — stop talking about our tits and ass and try giving us a genuine compliment that has nothing to do with our assets. While we appreciate the fact that you like what you see, hone in on things that are more thoughtful. Notice our haircuts, tell us we have nice eyes or a beautiful smile. We like a man who can make us feel special, not one who catcalls us while we’re crossing the street.
  2. Send cute pictures of your dog instead of your penis. If you live under a rock and haven’t heard by now, women hate penis pics. Unless we specifically ask (which will rarely, if ever, happen), we really, really do not want these. Instead, send us a picture of your pet, your morning latte, or literally anything other than your junk. We’re pretty simple that way.
  3. Respond to our texts, even if it’s just to break things off. Women highly appreciate men who are good at texting. Seriously, we have actual conversations about it. Even if things aren’t working out between us, it’s best to respond and tell us you’re not feeling it anymore and wish us good luck. Kind honesty is much better than loser avoidance, and believe it or not, but we’ll actually still think good things about you if you do this.
  4. Stop making everything so sexual. It’s no surprise that men love sex and fantasize about women daily; but please stop putting sex talk on the table before we’ve even had the chance to devour our appetizers. A man who genuinely wants to participate in intelligent and thoughtful conversation is infinitely more attractive than a guy who just wants to talk about his raging hard-on or what his favorite position is in bed.
  5. Be presentable. No matter what your style is, make sure to clean up and be well groomed; this means your living space, too. You’d be surprised how many men show up to dates looking like complete slobs with tattered shirts or have rancid looking apartments where the bathroom has literally never been cleaned with actual soap. You’re a grown man and it’s time to get your act together.
  6. Make some real plans. It’s such a turn-on when a man makes well-thought out plans for a date. I’ve been on dates with men who make proper dinner reservations and buy tickets to shows in advance, and they stood out for a reason. So many men are lazy now — they text three hours ahead to ask us to “hang out” and don’t pick the restaurant until the car ride begins. Put some effort in. You can do better.
  7. Don’t call or drunk dial at obscene hours. Sometimes the urge to call at 2am at the end of your bottle of bourbon might hit you, but don’t act on it. Calling and texting late night to invite your way over isn’t attractive and it’s actually kind of rude, in most cases.
  8. Respect our boundaries. If we’re not ready to sleep with you, we’re not ready — end of story. A good man is respectful and lets the person he’s dating come to them on their own terms. Plus, if you’re behaving accordingly and treating us with all of the aforementioned respect, we’re going to find that super hot and admirable and will likely want to take that next step sooner.
  9. Communicate like a grown up. Stop running from communication. If you don’t know how to handle an adult conflict in a relationship, you’re going to experience a lot of unnecessary and avoidable drama in your life. Let’s stop viewing “we need to talk” as such a horrible notion. Talking is better than yelling, crying, screaming and bringing our crazy out. Men who communicate maturely in relationships are majestic bachelors, and you should aspire to be one.
  10. Teach and show us new things. Lastly, if you want to be more attractive to a woman, introduce her to something new in her life. Share your passions with us. Take us to your favorite spot. We like getting to know you and all the quirks you come with. If you invite us into your life in a thoughtful way and make genuine effort to be kind, we’ll invite you into the most important place to us — our hearts.