Guys, Women Aren’t That Complicated — Some Of You Are Just Lazy

According to a lot of guys, women are complicated and high maintenance. We’re constantly ridiculed for requiring “too much” effort and being hard to please and that couldn’t be further from the truth. For most of us, what we want and need is actually pretty simple: a guy who pays attention and isn’t so damn lazy at dating and relationships.

  1. It’s not that hard to text back. Women aren’t crazy or needy for wanting a text back within a reasonable time frame — we’re simply normal human beings who understand the concept of courteous communication, especially when it comes to someone we’re dating. Some guys need to stop using their failures at being decent, well mannered human beings as a scapegoat to put women down. It’s immature.
  2. No, you don’t need money to show us you actually care. Why so many guys think that women require a ton of money spent on us to be happy is truly bizarre. After all, so many single women these days are self-sufficient and already providing ourselves with everything we need and want in life. For most women looking for love, we’re looking for a guy who’s thoughtful, mature, loyal and honest. It’s as simple as offering to help us carry our bags or sending us a “thinking of you” text instead of a picture of your penis.
  3. We actually do notice and appreciate the little things. If women were so complicated, how is it that we notice those little details like opening the car door, arriving on time and being consistent with effort? It’s because we actually do appreciate those small details and in fact, we notice and appreciate those even more than the grand gestures. Perhaps there are a few women out there who demand more out of guys, but most women just want a guy who actually gives a crap and pays attention to the small things that make us smile.
  4. Listening goes a long way. It’s really not our fault that so many guys choose to tune us out and then complain later on that we’re so hard to please. We can be perfectly clear about what we want and still be completely ignored as if what we’re asking for isn’t important. It’s not so hard to open your ears and actually follow through with the things you promise. Living up to your word and paying attention to what we say are basic skills you should have as an adult.
  5. We want honesty and loyalty — why is that so difficult? If you’re not into us, tell us. If you can’t be a one-woman man, be honest about it. Why is it okay to give women the runaround and then act like the innocent party when we stand up for ourselves and call you out on your crap? Being loyal and honest in dating is a basic concept and if you can’t handle it, it’s not because women are too complicated, it’s because you’re not enough of a grown man to be dating in the first place. Even hookup scenarios deserve honesty. It’s not that difficult.
  6. Whatever you do, we’ll reciprocate if you’re genuine. Women want to love back as just as much as we expect to be loved. If you want a love that feels like a breath of fresh air and feels amazing, it’s going to require some effort from your end too. As they say, you have to give in order to receive. The attitude so many guys have these days of expecting a dream girl to land in their laps with little to no effort is not only completely insane, it’s also wrongly self-entitled thinking. Get over yourselves.
  7. We’re sick of being treated like dirt for no reason. We get it. Chivalry has changed and with the way technology and dating platforms work now, modern displays of romance and affection come in different forms. Still, it’s no excuse to ghost on women, send lewd and obscene messages and treat us like garbage for no apparent reason. We’re not objects for your pleasure and it would be nice to finally be treated with respect and kindness rather than an annoying subspecies you’re forced to tolerate.
  8. Your past relationship isn’t a reason to punish the rest of us. In some cases, we get the half-assed and lazy treatment because some woman before us did a number on you and it’s not only wrong, it’s also clear proof that you’re not ready to date anyone. Instead of lumping us all under one high maintenance and complicated category, own up to your own past and only move on when you’re ready to give someone new the fresh start they deserve.
  9. Step it up or stop complaining. You’re a grown man, aren’t you? Some guys out there are doing it right and those guys are the ones happily coupled up and in amazing relationships. For the rest of those single guys who use Tinder and online dating apps as a disposable depot for women, complaining that we’re apparently so complicated and hard to please, grow the hell up. Women are only complicated to guys who are lazy and can’t make a genuine effort. Step up and aim to be better or stop complaining.