The Guy You’ve Been Looking For Will Do These Things

The Guy You’ve Been Looking For Will Do These Things ©iStock/gpointstudio

When it comes to love, you should never settle for anything less than what you know deep down you deserve — and yet, many women do. Relationships aren’t always fun and games, but there are some things you should be getting from yours that aren’t negotiable. In other words, if he doesn’t have these qualities, he’s probably not the one for you:

  1. He’ll respect you to the fullest extent. You absolutely shouldn’t be settling down for the long haul with any man who looks down on you or doesn’t respect who you are not only as an individual, but who you are in the relationship, as well. If he talks down to you or behaves as if you’re beneath him, you need to question his place in your life.
  2. He’ll support your wild ambitions. Whether you have completely insane ideas or a heavy passion in life, any man who’s worthy of being in your life will support you in your pursuits and get carried away with you in chasing those dreams and ideas, even if they never do come to light.
  3. He’ll show you love and affection in his own language. Not every guy is the roses and jewelry gifting romantic type. Each man has a different love language that determines how he expresses how much he cares for you. The right guy finds little ways to put a smile on your face and shows that he gives a crap about making you happy, even if that little thing is just getting out and gassing up your car when you’re the one driving. It’s those minor details that mean the most.
  4. He’ll take an interest in your well-being. If he’s really the right guy for you, he’s going to try and make you feel better if you’re feeling down. It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling with stress and anxiety or are just bed ridden with a flu — he does things to make sure you’re supported and cared for. If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with a guy, do you really want that guy to be someone who leaves you to fend for yourself when you’re down and out? No way.
  5. He’ll be loyal and trustworthy. This should go without saying, but loyalty should be your number one priority. You should never settle for someone who isn’t down with offering the same unwavering commitment you pay towards him. Unless you’re in an agreed upon open relationship, cheating is never OK.
  6. He’ll be willing to put in the work your relationship needs to grow. The man you settle down with should be one who constantly seeks to grow with you. Relationships are hard work sometimes, and if you ask any long-term couple, they’ll tell you that once you commit to settle down, that’s when the real work begins. Being with someone for the rest of your life, living together year after year, will require effort from both sides — and if he’s the right one, he’ll never stop seeking ways to improve the love that you share.
  7. He’ll be against domestic abuse. I hate that I even have to mention this point, but never under any circumstances should a guy ever lay one single hand on you —and vice versa. If he’s physically abusive, he’s totally NOT the one and you need to cut him the GTFO ASAP.
  8. He’ll stand by you in your ugliest moments. You’ll know when he’s truly the right guy for you when he stands by you through each and every ugly moment of your life and doesn’t even consider leaving you to deal with it alone. He comforts you in your deepest times of need, whether it’s through the passing of a loved one, or an insanely trying and unexpected life hurdle. He’ll be there by your side 100% of the way, and he doesn’t think twice about it.