Half-Naked Burglar Hits Florida Cop With Bible Before Pooping Himself While Trying To Escape

Half-Naked Burglar Hits Florida Cop With Bible Before Pooping Himself While Trying To Escape Marion County Sheriff's Office

A half-naked Florida man who burgled his neighbor’s house because “God told him to” was arrested, but not until after he assaulted a Marion County police officer by throwing a bible at him and screaming “I condemn you!” Robert Hoskins, 39, kicked down the front door to the victim’s Summerfield home to steal clothes after his requested to borrow some was refused. When confronted by the homeowner, Hoskins told him “I f***ed up man, I was mad.” Officers arrived at the scene shortly after.

Marion County Sheriff's Office

  1. When police arrived, Hoskins was only half-dressed. Clad only in underwear, Hoskins was hostile towards the deputies, running up to their car as they arrived and throwing a bible at one officer’s face while shouting “I condemn you!” according to Click Orlando. He eventually had to be tasered so that he could be handcuffed and taken into custody.
  2. The drama wasn’t over once they got Hoskins handcuffed. Instead, he then pooped his pants and asked to speak to a particular deputy. If any other deputy came over to him, he would go silent and simply stare into space. He then tried to break free of the cuffs and run away, but he wasn’t successful on that front.
  3. He claimed that “God told him to” break into his neighbor’s house. When questioned, he also claimed that he “freed her” in regard to the neighbor’s daughter. Thankfully, there are no reports of the daughter in question being harmed or even having come into contact with Hoskins, but that’s incredibly scary nonetheless.
  4. Hoskins is now facing pretty serious charges. After being booked into Marion County Jail, Hoskins was charged with burglary to an unoccupied dwelling, petit theft, criminal mischief – property damage, battery on an officer, and resisting an officer without violence. He was later released on $13,000 bond.
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