Half-Naked Groom Taped To Traffic Lights As Part Of Bachelor Party Prank

For some reason, a lot of guys seem to think that when they get married, life as they know it is effectively over. While they can still hang out with their friends and have fun like before, the bachelor party marks the end of singlehood and the entrance into Real Life, it seems. It’s their final chance to go absolutely nuts and act like idiots all in the name of having a good time, and a group of lads in the UK certainly took this to the extreme recently when they taped the groom to be to set of traffic lights while half-naked. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

  1. Jack Wilkins was tied up outside a shopping center in Essex. Next to the Beehive pub, Wilkins was strapped to the traffic lights wearing only his underwear as local shoppers walked by and laughed at him. That being said, it’s unclear whether they were laughing at his predicament or his combination of socks and sandals!
  2. Wilkins looked pretty okay with it, to be fair. Let’s be real: there’s no way you can strap someone to a set of traffic lights without them being game for it, especially when they’re only wearing underwear. Wilkins was obviously up for a laugh and did it “for the bants,” as I believe the Brits would say.
  3. Now, his friends want him to turn on the town’s Christmas lights this year. They’ve started a petition to “get Basildon’s socks and sandals boy” to switch on the festive lights this holiday season, describing him as “an overnight local sensation who has brought tears of laughter to many within the community and beyond.”
  4. The petition has yet to be answered. While it’s unclear who would be turning on the lights this year (if indeed the planners had thought that far ahead just yet), why not have Wilkins do it? That would just be the cherry on top of a hilarious event. If you’d like to support the petition, you can sign HERE.
  5. It’s good to have something to smile about. Is strapping a half-naked man to some traffic lights all that hilarious? Plenty of people who’ve seen it online and in person would say so. Besides, after the rough year and a half we’ve all had, we’ll take any chance we can get for a little light relief.

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