Half Of Single Men Only Change Their Bed Sheets Every 4 Months

Single guys often get a bad reputation for being slobs who live in total squalor, and while some might point out that it’s an unfair stereotype, it does seem to hold a bit of truth. I’m especially convinced of that now that I’ve seen the results of a new study that found that nearly half of single men only wash their bedsheets every four months. Good God!

  1. The results of a survey of 2,250 UK adults were disturbing. While 62% of single women reported on the Pizuna Linens survey that they wash their sheets at least every two weeks, 45% of men said they do it only every three to four months. That’s gross! On the plus side, 29% of men wash their sheets every two weeks as well — if they’re being honest!
  2. It gets worse! A whopping 12% of single men admitted that they only wash their sheets when they remember. To me, that indicates that it’s way longer than every six months.
  3. Why don’t people wash their bedding more often? According to the survey, respondents said they don’t do it more often because they “forget,” they’re not all that bothered, or they don’t have any other clean bedding to replace it with while the current bedding is washing.
  4. Some people just don’t think it needs to be washed very often. Official guidance is to wash pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers every week with blankets and duvets themselves every two to three months. Pillows should be washed every four to six months. However, 41% of survey respondents said they don’t believe that’s necessary. Yikes!
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