Hallmark Releases Its First Gay Christmas Movie With Two Leading Men

Hallmark Releases Its First Gay Christmas Movie With Two Leading Men Hallmark

Hallmark has unveiled its first gay Christmas movie with two male leads and frankly, it’s about time! While their holiday movies are total cheeseball classics perfect for this time of year, one thing has always been missing: same-sex couples. Now they’re trying to rectify that with The Christmas House, a movie that follows a married gay couple traveling home for the holidays as they await news about the adoption of their first child. It sounds great!

  1. Hallmark has been criticized for its lack of diversity. There has been pretty much no LGBTQ+ representation in any Hallmark’s films over the years, but they’re trying to change that. Just a few months ago they had a gay wedding in one of their movies, and now this. We’re making moves in the right direction!
  2. You’ll recognize at least one of the leads. The Christmas House stars Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett as well as Brad Harder as married couple Brandon and Jake Mitchell, and it’s so good to see a familiar face! They do make a pretty cute couple, you have to admit.
  3. Bennett appreciates the opportunity to be part of the movie. As he told NBC News, “I’m proud of everyone at Hallmark Channel for making the holiday table bigger and more welcoming and warmer this year. It’s an honor to be part of the network’s progress.”
  4. This movie is not about stereotypes. Bennett continued by expressing his admiration for the writing, which is focused on creating realistic characters with a real love story. “What I love about the characters in the movie is that we aren’t caricatures or stereotypes. We are two loving, stable, kind men who are in love and want to start a family of our own,” he explained. “Representation is important, but correct representation is more important, not just for viewers who may not interact or accept LGBTQ people, but it’s also important for LGBTQ people to see themselves in media.”
  5. If you want to watch it, it’ll be on again soon. If you didn’t get to tune in to The Christmas House on the Hallmark Channel when it originally premiered on Sunday, November 22, don’t worry! No doubt it’ll be on again soon and you can bask in the holiday spirit! Check your local listings for the latest updates!
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