This Halloween Christmas Tree Combines The Best Two Holidays In One

I love all holidays, especially the ones that allow me to eat lots of delicious food. With Halloween, you can shovel in buckets full of candy and chocolate without a care in the world. Come Christmas, it’s all about comfort foods because calories don’t count during winter, right? Other than the food, I’m all about the decorations to get into the festive spirit, which is why I lost my ever-loving mind when I discovered that Halloween Christmas trees are a thing.

  1. It’s the best of both worlds! The 5-foot tall trees kinda look like Christmas trees, but instead of being green and full of shiny baubles and lots of tinsel, they’re black with purple spiders all over them. Um, who’s the genius who came up with THIS amazing idea?!
  2. There’s a ghost and skull version too. If you’re not into spiders, I don’t blame you—things that can crawl and potentially bite aren’t for me. However, there’s also a ghost version and a skull version if you still want in on the phone. Or you could just buy one of each to take your celebrations to the max.
  3. You can use them indoors or out. Whether you want to decorate your front porch with these bad boys or you’d rather hook up your indoor spaces with a little extra Christoween flair, the Halloween Christmas trees really do work for any space.
  4. You can even add lights! While the trees do come decorated with tinsel which will catch the sunlight if they’re outdoors/by a window during the day, you can also put some seasonal lights on them to really kick things up a notch. It’s not necessary, but just a thought…
  5. They take literally zero setup. You don’t need any tools to put it together—take it out of the box and in just a minute or two, you’re ready to go. It also folds down and stores easily so if you live in a small apartment or just don’t have a lot of storage space, you’re in luck.

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