This Hanging Moon Light Sculpture Will Make Your Living Space Super Cozy

If you consider yourself somewhat of a connoisseur of interior design or simply like to live in a space that feels cozy, looks clean and trendy, and just suits you, you’re going to love this. Urban Outfitters is selling this amazing moon light sculpture that hangs on any wall of your house you’d like to put it on and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

It’s battery operated which means it really can go anywhere. Isn’t it annoying when your design aesthetic is limited by where the plugs are in your room? Sure, you could get adapters, but who wants cords running all over the place? This moon light sculpture takes 3 AA batteries (not included) which means you can hang it wherever you’d very well please.

It’s made of iron, copper, and resin. Who cares? you might be thinking. However, if you’re a clean freak, you probably appreciate materials that are easy to dust/wipe down/keep clean. This definitely qualifies. It also means that it still looks pretty during the day when you don’t actually have the lights on.

It creates a calm vibe. If you like to come home after a long day at work or school and chill in a relaxing environment, this will definitely help. It gives off a lovely, peaceful glow that enhances your space and isn’t too bright or intrusive. It’s exactly what you want in your life.

It pairs perfectly with UO’s Saturn light sculpture. If space is your thing (and let’s be honest, isn’t it all of our thing?) and you’d like something to hang next to the moon light sculpture, you should get the Saturn light sculpture as well. Both were made to go together so you know you’re creating an ambiance that works. You can put them on the same wall or spread them out on different ones – the choice is yours. Grab your moon light sculpture HERE and the Saturn light wall HERE.


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