Bad News, Ladies: Happy Relationships Really Do Make You Fat

There’s nothing like the feeling of finally being in a healthy relationship. After one too many disasters, a decent, caring guy has finally come along who doesn’t play games, “forget” to text you back, get “too busy” to see you, or any of that other crap. You’re happy AF and never want this dream to end, and hopefully it won’t. There’s just one minor issue (if you even consider it one): your coupled-up bliss really is making you put on weight.

  1. Seriously, science proves it. Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia analyzed data from over 15,000 people studied over the past 10 years and discovered that on average, those who reported that they were in happy romantic relationships weighed about 5.8kg (12.8lbs) more than their single counterparts. Not only that, but people in relationships tended to put about 1.8kg (3.96lbs) per year. Oops?
  2. It kind of makes sense. The study explained the findings as follows: “There are several explanations for this finding. Marriage (or de-facto relationships) comes with spousal obligations such as regular family meals. Dining together relative to dining alone can have positive and negative dietary outcomes. For example, whilst family meals may include more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and less fast food, people often consume larger portion sizes and more calories in the company of others than they do alone, resulting in increased energy intake. Further, the unhealthy but tempting eating habits of one spouse may migrate to the other.”
  3. Of course, this isn’t true across the board. Now, feel free to take these findings with a grain of salt. While this study of 15,000 people may have proven a trend, like all research, it’s still pretty myopic. There are billions of people on the planet, each with different diet and exercise habits, body types, etc. Sometimes couples even inspire each other to get healthier rather than the other way around. It really all depends on the individual (like most things in life).
  4. It’s also worth considering one important thing: Who cares??? Honestly, weight gain shouldn’t be seen as this terrible thing to be avoided at all costs. Instead, we should celebrate how great it feels to be comfortable with someone, knowing that we’ll be loved and accepted regardless of whether or not we eat five slices of pizza or go up a dress size. Just do you and be happy—you’ve earned it.
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