These Hard Hats For Your Toes Will Protect You From Painful Stubs

Is there anything more annoying or more painful than stubbing your toe? Whether you accidentally slam your foot against the coffee table when getting up or you misjudge where the bed ends when getting back into bed at night, it’s AWFUL. That’s why these mini hard hats for your toes just might be the answer.

They’re called StubStoppers. Created by Matt Benedetto for his website Unnecessary Inventions, StubStoppers are exactly what they sound like: little devices (?) meant to keep you from painful toe stubs. We know how hard hats protect construction workers from injury, so having little ones for your toes is just a natural move, right?

They’re kept in place with a mini elastic strap. You don’t want to lose your hard hats, so the StubStoppers are secured to your little piggies with an elastic strap to ensure they stay in place and keep you protected at all times.

Yes, it’s a gag gift… but is it really? While Benedetto clearly has a sense of humor with the products he creates, they’re not entirely without use. Is it feasible to wear hard hats on your toes every day? Is it even necessary? No on both occasions, but that doesn’t mean they won’t protect your feet if you do wear them.

Why should you suffer in silence? As the product description reads, “Equip your big toe with these pint-sized hard hats to say goodbye to bruised toes and show that furniture leg who’s boss.” That’s right — you tell that stupid coffee table leg or couch end! You’re the master of your own domain!

They’re available on the Unnecessary Inventions website. And they’re only $17.95. With Christmas coming up, these would make the perfect gift for anyone who’s constantly cursing their way through another toe-stubbing incident. They’ll appreciate such a thoughtful, worthwhile present for sure.

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