This Color-Changing ‘Harry Potter’ Candle Will Sort You Into A Hogwarts House

I can’t tell you how many quizzes I’ve taken over the years telling me which Hogwarts house I belong in. As an avid Harry Potter fan, I know I’m a Ravenclaw without even needing to take the test, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting that choice confirmed. My latest foray into being sorted has come in the form of this color-changing Harry Potter candle from Etsy seller MuggleLibraryCandles.

It changes color as it burns. The candle starts off white but then, as you burn it, it will turn red, green, blue, or yellow for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Whatever color it turns will tell you which house you belong in.

Even the candle’s maker doesn’t know which house you belong in. “The wax will transform to either red, yellow, green or blue! Even I won’t know which house the Sorting Hat will put you in! ❤️💛💚💙,” the product description reads. “This is a delicious lemony scent mixed with a musky combination of sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and patchouli.”

What a cool idea, right? The creator of the candle makes them in small batches out of soy wax and places them in 9 oz. jars, so not only will you be supporting a small business owner in making a great quality product but you can also have some fun with it. I mean, I’d be pretty upset if I got Slytherin, but I’m willing to take the chance.

Christmas is coming and these would make great gifts. Whether you’re buying this to treat yourself or for the Harry Potter fan in your life, this is such a unique bit of memorabilia, however unofficial, that I don’t know any lover of the series who wouldn’t be over the moon to receive candle this on Christmas morning. What are you waiting for? Get ordering if you want it to get there in time!

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