These ‘Harry Potter’ Christmas Ornaments Are The Holiday Decorations Your Tree Is Missing

Listen, I know I’m a grown woman who shouldn’t really care about collecting any and every piece of Harry Potter memorabilia known to man, but I’m also a simple woman whose heart wants what it wants. That’s why I need these new Hallmark Harry Potter ornaments – yes, the whole collection – for my tree this year.

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Hallmark has really outdone themselves here. The collection of ornaments includes Ron, Hermione, and Harry riding on Quidditch broomsticks (which is vaguely weird considering Hermione didn’t play Quidditch, but don’t question it!!) along with the Sorting Hat, Harry’s owl Hedwig, and Dobby too.

They’re super affordable. While some ornaments, especially official branded ones, can be really expensive, the Harry Potter ornaments are really affordable at $8.99 each. That means you could get all six for less than $50, and that’s a steal.

These are the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan in your life. Whether you buy them the whole collection or simply pick out the ornament of their favorite character, I imagine any fan of the series would love to have one of these resin ornaments to hang on their tree this Christmas. Frankly, I’m buying these as a gift… to myself.

Hallmark also offers a Harry Potter surprise box. By surprise box, I mean that for $3.99, you’ll get a Harry Potter ornament (different to the ones above) but you won’t know which you’re getting until you open it. That adds an extra element of fun, though it does make it hard to buy them in bulk since you may end up with several of the same ornaments. Ah well, that just means more Harry Potter love to spread around!

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