The Harsh Realities Of Dating A Bad Boy

The Harsh Realities Of Dating A Bad Boy ©iStock/pixdeluxe

Dating a guy who’s a total badass always seems so appealing, but if you’ve ever dated one for real, you’ll know they come with their cons, as well. Sure, he’s exciting, he’s hot, and being with him makes you feel alive with adrenaline, but before you embark on dating a bad boy, here are a few things you should know:

  1. He’s probably got a serious sexual past under his belt. Bad boys aren’t the poster child of innocence; in fact, often the opposite is true. He’s got a harem of conquests under his belt, so don’t be surprised if he has a constant wandering eye. It doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily cheat, but if you’re the jealous type, he won’t stand for being given crap for ogling, because that’s just who he is.
  2. He has a real problem with authority. He probably hates cops and makes a point at saying so at least once in your company and may or may not have been arrested. He also just generally hates following rules of any kind, which could bring him trouble at work and in life in general. Beware!
  3. You’ll never truly have a complete hold on him. He’s not the guy who’s easily locked down. On rare occasions, he does genuinely fall in love, but it’ll take a lot of time, effort, and patience to get him there. Hold on for the ride, because you’ll go through a lot of your own emotions before you bring his emotions out of him.
  4. He’s not much of a family man (at least not now). He’s not exactly the type of guy you take home to Mom and Dad and he’ll probably avoid it all costs. Don’t expect him to attend every Sunday dinner or show up with a bouquet of flowers for your mom. Even if he does meet the folks, your parents will probably sternly warn you to be careful with him, or tell you to stay away from him completely.
  5. Sometimes, he’ll legit scare you. You never know what’s coming next when you date a badass man like this, because he’s truly all over the map, which is sexy, exciting, and terrifying at the same time. The choices he makes and the lines he often crosses will make you routinely question if you can truly make it work with him.
  6. He’s got a hot temper. Bad boys are known for their hot temper. This means senseless arguing and an overall short fuse when things don’t go their way. It’s not that they’re overly dangerous, but be prepared for him not to take any crap from anyone, ever.
  7. Your friends will judge you for dating him. Your friends will constantly worry about you and might even ask you from time to time why you’re with him. Obviously it’s the badass appeal that keeps you hooked and going back for more.
  8. He can be controlling. If you’re his girlfriend, he’ll want to feel he really has you, even if you don’t have 100% hold onto him. If you’re the wildly independent type who doesn’t seek his approval before doing your own thing, don’t be surprised if he kicks up a fuss about it. He likes women who are submissive and willing to go along with his plans, which is why bad boys routinely go for good girls most of the time.
  9. You can’t change his bad habits. If you think you can actually change him, think again. You can’t change this man unless he really wants to change himself, so take him at face value and appreciate him for the badass he is or run in the opposite direction.
  10. He’s probably not Mr. Forever. Sometimes the bad boy does settle down, but it’s not very likely (at least not for a while). It’s not that he doesn’t have great qualities about him, it’s just that he’s more of a fun experience than a long term goal. Dating a badass is thrilling, and you might want to do it once in your life, but don’t paint a picture of any white picket fences with him in mind, because it’s likely not ever going to happen.
  11. He’s an addiction. Once you’ve dated a bad boy, you’ll understand why they’re so appealing. He’ll make your stomach flip, and being with him is like a high you can’t get enough of. When he looks at you and makes you feel special, it’s worth all of the cons he comes with. So enjoy him while you can, but prepare to let go of him eventually.