14 Ways Having Anxiety Makes Life & Love Way More Difficult

14 Ways Having Anxiety Makes Life & Love Way More Difficult ©iStock/kupicoo

Having anxiety is tough for anyone who suffers from it. If you have anxiety, you should know it’s totally okay to feel the way you do, and that you’re not alone — there are millions of people struggling with similar issues and we’re all fighting the same battle. Here are some things we have in common:

  1. Conversations can be painful. Sometimes, you just don’t want to talk, but you’re met with the need to pay an obligatory “Hello” or “Good Morning” to people you come across in your day. When you half-ass it or it comes across clearly unenthusiastic, you proceed to worry that they think you’re just a bitch.
  2. “Calm down” has an explosive effect on you. Screw this one in particular. “Calm down” doesn’t even work on the sanest of people. Please, just stop.
  3. You second guess everything. Test answers, your Starbucks order… everything. Is this really what I want? Is this right? Help!
  4. Your PMS is on steroids. As if getting your period wasn’t hard enough with the uncontrollable and self-loathing need to eat everything in sight, crying during a toilet paper commercial, because oh-my-god that kitten is just so cute- but now these hormones are actually exponentially amplified. Great, just what we need more of.
  5. Dating games are the actual worst. Long and drawn out responses to texts, waiting to hear from someone after a great date and the uncertainty of where the relationship is headed drives you completely bananas. You need affirmative answers and signs of interest. Just tell us already. Are we going to do this thing, or not? Do you like me? Ugh. Why is this so hard?
  6. You social media stalk people. Because you need all the information you possibly can to prepare for a series of scenarios you will begin to rehearse in your mind that will actually likely never even happen.
  7. Lateness really upsets you. If you’re running behind, or if someone is keeping you waiting, you feel panicked and eager. And let’s not even get started on what red lights and transit delays do to you during this already panicked state.
  8. Curse words are your BFF. There’s something just so satisfying about swearing like a sailor when you’re at your most anxious points. You really don’t DGAF.
  9. You are the queen of worry. Worrier: noun. (wu-ree-er) – The opposite of warrior. The ability to scare yourself senseless for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
  10. You really are more emotional. Not just when you are having your lady time, but every emotion in general that you feel on a daily basis is amplified. It’s like having Beats by Dre on your emotions. Everything is louder.
  11. You are more annoyed by bad texters. How hard is it to spare 30 seconds to respond? Sheesh! We know everyone is glued to their phones. You’re not fooling anyone, you just suck.
  12. You psychoanalyze everything. Thoughts are everywhere and about everything, always.
  13. You’re on edge at work. Every time you receive a meeting request or your superior wants to see you in their office, you immediately assume you’re getting fired.
  14. You get the nuts label a lot. You’re no stranger to the word “nuts” or “bitch” and even the elusive “nutty bitch.” Quite frankly, you wish someone would come up with something more original.