Has Having A Boyfriend Changed You For The Worse?

When you fall in love, you feel happy/whole/insert every cheesy adjective here. It makes sense that you integrate your life with your new boyfriend’s – they don’t call it “finding your other half” for nothing. But there does come a point when you’re a little too into this new guy and seem to have forgotten that you’re a human being, too, and that you had a crazy full life before him. Here are 10 signs your love and adoration have gone too far.

Your friends have forgotten who you are. Okay, so they still know, but you used to share boozy brunches, late night reality TV marathons and every single detail of your lives, and now you see them much less frequently. You’ve become That Girl, the one that everyone gossips about: the girl who is so obsessed with her boyfriend that she doesn’t make time for anyone else. It’s not a great place to be, right? You would hate it if a friend did that to you.

You’ve started watching hockey/football/insert sports obsession here. Of course girls are into sports, too. But if you never cared before and all of a sudden now you’re parked on the couch watching the game 24/7 because your boyfriend is a fan, then congrats, you officially have no life of your own. Sure, sometimes you can share his interest in sports with him, but if you truly don’t enjoy it, why not watch something you actually like or go see your friends? They definitely miss you, since, you know, they never see you anymore.

You get him to meet you/pick you up during your dinner plans. Your friends may be surprised that your BF is sitting down at the table at the tail end of your girls’ dinner, but you just had to see him, and you couldn’t possibly wait until the next evening. They understand, right? No, they probably don’t. Your girls are a significant part of your life and you want them to be there just in case this relationship crashes and burns, so don’t shut them out.

You don’t cook/eat kale or quinoa because your BF hates them. Or whatever you’re into. You’ve changed your entire diet because of him.

You keep evenings open just in case he can see you. Why make plans with a friend when there’s a possibility you can see your boyfriend? That’s your thought process, anyway. But it really just makes you feel anxious and nervous about whether he wants to hang out with you or not, and that’s no way to live.

You have no other topics of conversation. When you do hang with your girlfriends, it’s like you’ve forgotten that you have any interests, hopes, dreams and goals at all. Every word out of your mouth is about this guy that you’re so totally smitten with. Not a good look.

You spend all day looking at his FB/Twitter/Instagram. We’ve all done it. Does it still count as Facebook stalking if you’re actually in a relationship with the person? Either way, it takes up a ton of your time, so maybe ease up a bit on liking all his selfies. He knows you like them – you’re together, after all.

You two literally do everything together. It’s great to have someone else to laugh with and chat to when you’re running boring errands or going grocery shopping, but if you can’t even go to a doctor’s appointment without making your BF sit in the waiting room, then you might need to separate a little bit.

Your friends/fam/even your BF are starting to notice. You can be sure that if someone mentions that you seem to be way too wrapped up in your relationship, it’s probably true. Show the other people in your life some love, too.

You no longer do the things you used to. You were a true yogi and saw every new doc that came on at your local cinema. If those days are long gone and you’ve forgotten all the activities you’ve used to love, it’s time to make a change.

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