Has Your Ex Moved On? 10 Signs They’re Over You For Good

All breakups suck, but after the obligatory pining period, you reach a point where you just have to pull yourself together, put on your big-girl panties, and move on with your life—especially if your ex has already moved on with theirs. You’ll know if this is the case because there’ll be some tell-tale signs.

They don’t speak to you every day. 

The first sign that your ex has moved on is that they don’t speak to you nearly half as much as they used to. You were always their first port of call for everything when you guys were together—the first person they said good morning to, one of the first people they wanted to tell major news to, and the only person who they wanted to wish “goodnight.” Nowadays, you’re lucky if you get to have a conversation with them, and that’s likely because you’re no longer a priority in their life and they’re just not thinking about you as much anymore.

They’ve initiated a “final” conversation. 

When you’ve just broken up with someone, emotions are so raw that there’s always a processing period where you’re thinking about everything that they said and did during your breakup conversation. You also have a list of things that you want to say and ask that you didn’t say or ask at the time—and the same goes for your ex. That’s why there’s usually a second, more “final” conversation that needs to be had before you go your separate ways. It allows both parties to confirm that breaking up was the right thing to do and get closure. If your ex has moved on, you’ve likely already had this conversation a long time ago, and they probably initiated it. 

They’ve asked you for their stuff back. 

If there is no way that you guys can rekindle your relationship, your ex will have already asked you for the stuff back that they left at your house and have given you yours back too. This is often their way of showing you that there’s no going back.

They haven’t asked you if you can still be friends. 

Usually, to make the breakup process a little easier, you might make a promise to your ex that you’ll keep in touch and stay in each other’s lives as friends. However, if your ex never asked you this question or basically told you that they don’t want to be friends, it’s likely because they are okay with leaving you and your relationship in the past.

They ignore your messages

Not only does your ex barely speak to you since the final conversation, but they show just how little that you now mean to them by ignoring your phone calls and texts, even emotional ones where you’ve told them how you’re not doing well post-breakup. It sounds harsh but this is likely because they don’t see you as their problem anymore.

They’ve blocked your cell phone number. 

In fact, maybe your texts and calls don’t even go through to their phone anymore. If you’ve been blocked, it’s typically because your ex is actively trying to move forward with their life without you in it.

They’ve deleted you from social media. 

Perhaps your ex has cut all communication with you by removing you from their social media channels. This is one of the biggest signs that they’re ready to move on or they already have because it’s essentially cutting you out of their life in preparation for the next chapter (or relationship).

They’ve changed their Facebook status. 

Even if you’re still following each other on social media, one of the surefire signs that your ex is over you is when you guys are no longer “in a relationship” on Facebook. Instead of hiding their status like anybody who’s in pain following a meaningful relationship does, your ex’s status has been changed to single showing that they’re ready to mingle.

You’ve seen evidence of them moving on. 

Likewise, maybe it’s not a status change that makes you believe that your ex is moving on—perhaps it’s the fact that you’ve seen pictures of them looking cozy with other people on social media. Sure, it could be innocent or manipulative, but it’s still going to hurt all the same.

They’ve told you that they’ve moved on. 

The only way that you know for definite if your ex has moved on is if they tell you directly (or change their Facebook status back to “in a relationship” with photos of them looking loved up with a new love interest). Most exes are courteous and want to give you a heads up before you find out some other way (i.e. mutual friends or social media). Having said that, even if yours doesn’t and you’re playing the guessing game, you can always ask them straight up for peace of mind (assuming that they’ve not blocked you on every platform). Either way, it’s time to move on and stop wasting your precious time and energy on someone who’s no longer interested in you. On to bigger and better things!

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