If He Hasn’t Texted You, It Might Actually Mean He Really Likes You

Ever wondered why some guys won’t just text back? It takes five seconds and you know he’s on his phone. Sometimes, it’s actually a good thing. He may have a valid excuse for going radio silent and his lack of communication can actually end up being a good thing for your relationship. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t give up hope for him just yet when your guy hasn’t texted you back.

Sometimes no news is good news. If this guy hasn’t texted you, you can assume that he’s exactly where he was when you last talked. If he was kissing you or telling you how amazing you are, that’s probably what he’s still thinking. Guys are pretty simple in many ways. Just accept that his behavior around you the last time you were together is probably where he still is emotionally, no matter how many transformations your emotions have gone through since then. Men just aren’t as complicated.

He might just be processing. Seriously, maybe his night with you or the time you spent together was so mind-blowing that he needs to take a second to take it all in. He might have to get a little introspective, figure out what actually happened to him. The most important thing is to not underestimate yourself. You’re hot and you made an impression. You can trust that for a little while and wait for him to reach out when he’s ready.

Some things speak for themselves. Guys are often less communicative than girls, and sometimes, after a really good night, they just assume everything speaks for itself. For him, texting you to say, “Wow, last night was amazing!” might feel kind of obvious and unnecessary. He’s probably just waiting until he can ask you out again without seeming too eager. The guy hasn’t texted because he doesn’t want to screw up his chances.

He’s reached the point where he feels comfortable leaving some space. Some of us want 24/7 communication. Like, constant interaction. Like, here’s what I had for breakfast and this is how I brush my hair and by the way I think I’m in love with you, etc. But some people show their level of comfort with a person by not being talkative all the time. If he’s naturally a pretty reserved person, it’s actually quite a compliment that he feels comfortable enough with your relationship to let talking fall away for a little while. The guy probably hasn’t texted you because he thinks it’s cool not to for now.

He’s playing games but only because he really likes you. As much as the cliché goes that women are the ones who like being pursued, there are plenty of men who like a little chasing as well. This isn’t to say that you should be expected to chase after him, it’s just a reminder that some men don’t fit all the stereotypes we have of them. This guy might be playing hard to get if he hasn’t texted you, which might be what you’re doing too. At some point, one of you will have to put you both out of your misery. Just because a guy hasn’t texted you doesn’t mean you can’t text him.

He’s playing it cool. It’s quite possible that he was so impressed by you that he’s a little nervous about reaching out. You’re just cool and he can’t quite believe you’re into him, so he has to pretend he’s not all that interested so he won’t come across as overeager. Guys get nervous about how they’re perceived too, especially when it comes to a girl they’re really into. Maybe he literally hasn’t texted you back because he’s freaking out inside.

He’s gotten bad advice. Friends are the most important people in your life, but sometimes they give…not so helpful advice. If he still hasn’t texted you after a few days, it’s quite possible that one of his friends told him that all women like to play hard to get and that he shouldn’t fall for it by texting you. For all you know, his friends have confiscated his phone because he’s been so desperate to text you.

He’s doing exactly what you’re doing. Maybe this guy hasn’t texted you because you haven’t texted him. Yep. He could absolutely be sitting at home right now staring at his phone, sending out some telepathic communication to get you to text him. Guys do this too. We all have our pride and our insecurity. Also, it’s totally OK to be the one who reaches out first. Girls with initiative are hot and usually get their way.

The simple explanation: He might actually just be busy. This does happen sometimes, and can actually be a very legitimate excuse. If you aren’t in a serious relationship, don’t expect to be his number one priority. No matter how crazy about you he is, he might just have a really busy job and be terrible at texting. If this continues to happen though, it’s time to put your foot down. At a certain point, he isn’t busy, he just doesn’t respect you enough. “If they’re not responding to your text message in the evening after work, then it just means you’re not a priority. You’re on the back burner,” says Agape Match CEO, Maria Avgitidis.

He thinks he screwed it up and lost his chance. You know how you tend to go over everything you said on a date and find every tiny problem with it? Well, guys do this too sometimes, and it’s quite possible he thinks he made some huge, irrevocable mistake during your date from which he can’t recover. So maybe you should reach out. You never know what’s going on in someone’s head until you ask. Just because the guy hasn’t texted you doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to.

When a guy hasn’t texted you, it can be infuriating, confusing, annoying, and kind of depressing. However, it’s important to remember that there could be a totally valid explanation for it that could allay any of your fears about him not liking you or not wanting to be around you. Try to be patient and stay calm before reacting.

That being said, it’s also important not to fool yourself into believing that he’s interested when he clearly isn’t. At a certain point, it’s important to face the fact that he’s not refraining from messaging you for any of the above reasons but for a more obvious one.

It’s just as possible that the guy hasn’t texted you because…

He’s not feeling it. Sure, he should just speak up and tell you that directly, but some people are conflict-averse and passive-aggressive, not to mention immature. It’s much easier to just ghost you via text than it is to be upfront about the fact that he’s not really into you. In this case, he’s hoping that you’ll pick up on the hints he’s dropping and move on without any drama.

He’s busy talking to other women. If it’s early doors for your relationship, it’s entirely possible that the guy hasn’t texted you simply because he’s texting other women. He’s playing the field and there’s another conversation that he’s finding more captivating at the moment. He might get to you when he’s finished or feeling bored, but are you really going to stick around and wait for that to happen?

He doesn’t really want a relationship. Maybe he really likes you but he thought you would just have a quick hookup rather than some deep relationship. He’d rather stay single and have some fun, so if he gets the sense that you’re after more than that, it makes sense that he’d go radio silent. He doesn’t want to tell you straight-up that there’s no potential there because he’s still hoping you’ll sleep with him (or continue sleeping with him if you already have) but he’d rather keep the small talk to a minimum.

He’s self-absorbed. He has no problem with you texting him and carrying the conversation, but his head is so far up his own butt that he doesn’t think he should have to contribute to the conversation. He’s more than happy to let you keep chasing after him, boosting his ego and requiring very little effort on his behalf. A guy who hasn’t texted you in ages isn’t one who would be a very good boyfriend.

What you can do about it when a guy hasn’t texted you

To be honest, there’s only one thing you should do when a guy is treating you like crap and hasn’t texted you in days or even weeks: delete his number and walk away. Of course, that’s much easier said than done, especially if you’ve already invested considerable time and energy into him. If the guy hasn’t texted you in days or weeks and you can’t just cut the cord right away, you have a few different options.

Call him and ask for an explanation. Of course, this could easily backfire because if he was purposely avoiding responding to your texts, he probably isn’t going to want to have an actual phone call with you. This could also make you look kinda obsessive and desperate even though it makes total sense that you’d want an explanation. You really shouldn’t have to lower yourself to chasing after him like this.

Wait him out. If your relationship is extremely young or very casual and you don’t feel all that uptight about it, you could always wait the guy out and see if he eventually comes around. If he is interested in you at all, the fact that you’re not pining after him and constantly messaging him will likely have the bizarre effect of making him like you more. Again, this is a bit of an annoying game to have to play, but it does work sometimes.

Say your goodbyes and move on. If this guy hasn’t texted you, it might be time to text him. Sure, he might not care and he could delete the message without even reading it. However, if it makes you feel better to text him one last time to let him know that you’re disappointed in how things have played out and the fact that he disrespected you by failing to communicate like an adult. If that’s the case, get it off your chest and then block and delete him everywhere. You have better things to do than wait around for someone who’s clearly not on your level.

It’s important that you’re honest with yourself about what’s really going on in here so that you don’t hang around in a situation that isn’t serving you. Sure, there are intricacies in every relationship that make it unique and no one knows this guy like you do. However, generally speaking, if someone likes you, they’re going to make sure they text you regularly. End of story.

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