Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy Exists & It Tastes Exactly Like The Drink

If you’re a child of the ’90s or even the 2000s, chances are you grew up drinking Hawaiian Punch. The fruit punch flavored drink was pretty much a stable of my youth and while I don’t really drink it as an adult—I like to pretend I’m a mature adult and I stick to Diet Coke when I’m not downing water—I still really love it. That’s why when I found out that there’s such a thing as Hawaiian Punch cotton candy, I lost my damn mind.

  1. It literally tastes exactly like the drink. While some flavored products lack the true essence of the original, Hawaiian Punch cotton candy tastes like exactly what it says it is. You get the sweet juiciness of the drink as well as the sweetness but it’s not cloying in any way. It just tastes like childhood.
  2. It’s fat-free and cholesterol-free. I mean, it’s packed with sugar, but at least you can rest secure in the knowledge that you’re not adding fat or cholesterol to the mix, right? Hey, everything in moderation and sometimes you just need to treat yourself.
  3. A dozen bags of cotton candy will last you a while. What can you do with 12 bags of Hawaiian Punch cotton candy? Oh, I don’t know. You could share with your friends, bring one into work, give some to the kids in your life, or hog them all for yourself. It’s not like you get a ton of product in each bag, so you could probably eat a couple bags in one sitting. What I’m saying is that while buying 12 bags of cotton candy in one go might seem excessive, but trust me, you won’t be serious.
  4. Come on, you know you want to relive your childhood. I’m all for anything that indulges my serious sense of nostalgia and this stuff does exactly that. Plus it’s delicious, which is always a positive thing.

Piper is a NYC-based writer who loves dogs, iced coffee, and calling people out on their BS.