He Asked For Your Number But Never Got In Touch—Here’s Why

He was cute, flirted with you all night, told you how much he liked you and to top it all off, he asked for your number so you could hang out again soon. Of course, you expected him to call or text and you were disappointed when he didn’t. What gives?

  1. He can’t drum up the courage. He may have seemed confident when he was chatting you up at the bar after a few drinks, but his sober self may not be as good with the ladies. He probably sat there with his phone in his hand, thumb hovering over the call button, trying to muster up the courage to get in touch. He was trying to think of something witty to say but he’s just not good with words. It’s kind of cute that he was nervous to call you but it sucks he couldn’t pluck up a bit of courage and get over it.
  2. Things are complicated right now. He may not necessarily be in a relationship right now but his love life is a tad dramatic at the moment. Maybe he still has feelings for his ex or maybe she’s literally crazy and he’s being a gentleman by not bringing you into the mess right now. Sure, if he wasn’t ready for anything, he shouldn’t have asked for your number—but hey, at least he’s acknowledging it now… or something. Count yourself lucky that you’re not having to deal with his complicated drama.
  3. You gave him the wrong number. Somewhere in between the flirting and the loud music, you gave him the wrong number or put it in his phone wrong. He actually did call the number you gave him but it wasn’t you who answered. Then he tried multiple other number combinations, swapping the three for an eight and the one for a seven, all in vain! He’ll be forever wondering whether he’ll ever see you again so he can get it right this time.
  4. He lost your number/didn’t actually save it in his phone. He was walking home and this gust of wind came from nowhere that little piece of paper with your number on it fluttered away. Or, he was just an idiot and didn’t hit “save contact” so your number disappeared into the ether. He was upset about it all night wishing he had memorized your digits but alas, he didn’t.
  5. His friend stole it/deleted it. This one could be a genuine reason for why he didn’t end up calling. His friends may have gotten a little bromance jealousy because of how much he was obsessed with you. Either that or they could see he was totally crazy for you already and were scared you would break his heart, so they eliminated that risk completely by taking your number out of the picture. Yeah, it’s a terrible thing to do, but they did it with good intentions!
  6. He was too drunk. Maybe he wasn’t drunk when you last saw him but you never know where his night ended. After a few extra shots of vodka and a bumpy ride home, he couldn’t for the life of him remember whose number he had in his phone and he was too chicken to call and check!
  7. He plays the game. You might not want to believe that the guy who devoted his full attention to you that night actually does the same thing every other night with a different girl but it happens. Same story, different number. Let’s be honest—if he’s a player, he did you a favor by not calling. At least this way he doesn’t end up another failed relationship.
  8. He felt obligated. Nice guys fall into the trap of not wanting to hurt our feelings, which in today’s ridiculous dating world is a good thing. He may have felt obligated to ask for your number because it was the right thing to do… and because he didn’t have any other way out! This guy didn’t mean to lead you on, he was just a little out of his depth and didn’t want to hurt your feelings.
  9. He’s letting fate take the lead. Yes, I’d like to think that these guys still exist—guys who have a little faith in love. He asked for your number but he was so amazed by your first encounter and he had so much fun that he doesn’t want to reduce it to what happens with every other girl he pursues. He’s a fairly traditional guy and he’s not calling because he’s hoping fate is working in his favor to see you again.
  10. You’re way out of his league. The truth is that this applies to all of the above. You’re a different breed to him. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of for expecting him to call, and whether he didn’t call because he was shy, playing you, or just plain clumsy and lost your number, you deserve a bit better than that. Don’t waste your time worrying about it—there’s a guy out there that’ll actually pick up the phone to get ahold of you.
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