He Ghosted You, So Why Is He Still Liking Your Insta Pics?

Social networking offers up so many different ways for guys to play games. If you were dating someone who totally disappeared but still likes your photos, you may have no idea what’s going on. Here’s what he may be thinking when he taps that heart.

He wants you to know he’s still around.

Why like your photo and not respond to your text? Simple. Texting requires effort; liking a photo is similar to a nudge. He wants you to keep on thinking he might be an option simply because it boosts his ego. There’s a good chance he won’t be liking any sort of photo with you and a new boyfriend since he’ll realize you’ve officially moved on.

He liked you so much that he was scared to actually date you.

Ever hear that you’re “wife material” before? It seems like a compliment, but it can also be an insult. Sometimes, you’ve got it together to a level that actually intimidates guys. They’re not ready to settle down but assume you are based on your positive attributes. If you’re both single in a couple of years, prepare to have him suddenly drop you a message.

He digs the way you look but not your personality.

Maybe the two of you just didn’t click in person, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t think you’re hot. He digs seeing your selfies on his feed but just didn’t feel any connection with you. The thing is, he could have been a little more direct about it.

He’s trying to make his girlfriend jealous.

It’s a crappy move, but jerks will often pull cards like this in order to make their girlfriends want them more. He’s hoping she’s looking at his activity and will notice a trend—that is, liking a ton of photos posted by other girls. It’s a shame you’re being used this way, but consider yourself better off without him.

It might not be him behind the like.

If he’s currently dating someone who’s a little manipulative (or very young) who knows the two of you used to date, she may be doing it to get a rise out of you. She’s hoping you’ll respond so that she can boost her own self-esteem. Girls who are down on themselves often try anything they can to convince themselves that everyone’s after their great new boyfriend.

He might also be the one trying to open communication.

Maybe he ghosted and feels bad but he knows that an Instagram like is much less aggressive than a text, especially if it’s been a few months. You don’t have to respond to him if you don’t want, especially if a lot of pain is still there.

You really do have an eye for photography.

If your Instagram feed is dedicated more to nature and architecture, you may just be a really skilled photographer. With his like, he’s trying to tell you that you’ve got a gift. It still sucks that he can’t tell you this over the phone, but if your ex was genuinely a nice guy most of the time, his “like” could have come from a good, innocent place.

He wants you to keep track of him.

By liking your photos, he’s trying to entice you to check out his profile. Be honest—the technique usually works. It’s really hard not to be curious about someone you used to crush on. He might not be into you anymore but he definitely wants you to check out how successful he’s been. This is definitely the case if he’s a gym nut and constantly posts photos of him working out.

He might have forgotten who you were.

This is one of the most negative reasons, but if he’s following a ton of accounts or is a huge player, he may not be connecting the dots. This would make a lot of sense if the two of you only went on one or two dates. It’s not that you’re forgettable, it’s that he began following you shortly after date one and never really put the pieces together. If you’re posting more photos of your dog than yourself, it’d make a lot of sense that he’d forget whose photos they were.

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