He Wants You: Signs He’s Serious About Making It Work With You

Is it just me or is casual dating so overrated? I know lots of people really like keeping things chill and dating around, but I’m just not here for it. If you feel the same and you want to know if the guy you’ve just started seeing is serious about you and your relationship, keep an eye out for these signs. They’re good indicators that he’s just as dedicated as you are to building something real.

  1. He’s deleted his dating apps. Guys often like to play the field for as long as humanly possible before settling down, so if he’s deleted his dating apps so he can focus solely on you, consider this one of the biggest signs he’s serious about you. It means he has no interest in looking for what else is out there because he’s already found it with you. How sweet!
  2. He’s told you he wants to be exclusive. This is the next step to the above. If he came out and told you directly that he’s not interested in seeing anyone else and doesn’t want you to either, this is major. It means that he sees the potential for something real and good with you and wants to focus on building that.
  3. He’s seen the real you and loves you even more. It’s easy to feel like you’re really into someone when you’ve only scratched the surface of who they are. However, if he’s seen you without makeup, seen you crying and/or having a meltdown, and has witnessed all of your worst sides and still cares about you and wants to pursue things, this is one of the biggest signs he’s serious about you. If he wasn’t, he would head for the hills at the first sign of any imperfections (despite the fact that he likely has many of them himself).
  4. He’s consistent in his communication. He doesn’t go AWOL for days on end or leave you on read when you message him. Instead, he texts back quickly even if it’s just to tell you he’s slammed at work and he’ll message you later. If he says he’s going to call, he does, and he makes sure to get in touch every day even if it’s just to say hello and that he’s thinking about you. What a dream!
  5. You know you can rely on him. One of the biggest and best signs that a guy is serious about you is when he proves himself to be dependable. He doesn’t flake out on dates or cancel at the last minute. He doesn’t say “we’ll see” when you ask him if he wants to hang out this weekend. He makes sure he’s a constant in your life and someone you can rely on because he wants to prove he’s a good potential partner.
  6. He makes you a priority in his life. You don’t want to be a guy’s whole life but you definitely want to be a big part of it and you’d like him to make you a priority. If this guy does so no matter how much else he has going on at a given time, you can bet it’s because he really likes you and wants to make sure you know it.
  7. He’s willing to compromise and can admit when he’s wrong. Ah, this is a biggie. This takes a lot of emotional maturity and a lack of ego, so if he’s capable of it, he deserves respect and praise. A guy who’s serious about you should be able to meet you halfway on all things in the relationship. Not only that, but when he messes up, he should be able and willing to admit it so you can move forward. That’s the kind of guy you want in your life.
Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill