Heinz Released Ketchup-Flavored Truffles For Valentine’s Day And I Don’t Know How To Feel Heinz UK

Heinz Released Ketchup-Flavored Truffles For Valentine’s Day And I Don’t Know How To Feel

Listen, I love ketchup. I like it on scrambled eggs, on french fries, on chicken nuggets, and I’m pretty sure I even ate it on steak as a kid (a travesty, I know). It’s the only condiment I truly enjoy, but even I have my limits. For instance, the fact that Heinz has released ketchup-flavored truffles for Valentine’s Day doesn’t sound enticing—it sounds downright terrible.

This is a UK-only “treat.” Heinz UK teamed up with luxury food retailer Fortnum & Mason for “ValenHeinz” tomato ketchup truffles. Yes, it really is exactly what it sounds like: ketchup-flavored chocolate truffles. I’m trying not to gag as I type that but it’s really hard.

They swear it’s good but I’m not convinced. In an Instagram post announcing the product, Heinz insisted that their ketchup truffles aren’t quite as gross as they sound, writing, “The tangy but smooth chocolates in this collection just might surprise you.” They also promise that “you’ll get the delicious taste of Heinz Tomato Ketchup that you know and love in every bite.” Again, I’m still not feeling it.

Each box comes with nine truffles but who could ever eat that many? The ketchup truffles come with white, milk, and dark varieties and they cost £19.95, which is about $25 US. Unsurprisingly, this was a limited edition release with only 1,000 boxes available, all of which have apparently sold out already. Who is buying these things?!

One blogger reviewed them on her YouTube channel and survived. Kelly Cletheroe admitted that while the Heinz ketchup truffles were not “horrific,” she did say that they were “bizarre,” adding, “When you sit and linger and allow that flavor, you just question why you make these kind of choices in your life, you know?” I couldn’t agree more, Kelly.

Let’s hope this is the last we see of the ketchup/chocolate combo. While Heinz may have been taking the humorous approach to Valentine’s Day by releasing a ketchup-flavored chocolate truffle, I think we can all agree this should never have happened and certainly never again.

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