Henry Cavill Seductively Built A Gaming Computer On Instagram And People Are Loving It

Times are tough right now, but we should all be thankful to Henry Cavill, who’s living up to his Superman alter ego by offering up some choice social media content. On Thursday, July 16, he posted a video on Instagram that will go down in history as one of the most bizarrely sexy five minutes you’ll ever encounter. It features Cavill building a gaming PC in an almost purposely seductive way and frankly, I’m not complaining.

  1. He knew exactly what he was doing here. Henry Cavill knows that not everyone cares about gaming, which is why he captioned his Instagram video with “This kind of material isn’t for everyone….viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven’t seen before.” He also titled the clip “All the parts,” which, LOL. Nice one, Henry.
  2. I’m not even into gaming and I watched the whole thing. The video is literally just about him showing off his new PC gaming equipment and manually putting the whole thing together. I don’t know enough about computers in that regard nor do I care. All I know is that I was watching a very buff, handsome guy and it was very distracting.
  3. I’m not the only one who appreciated Henry Cavill’s Instagram video. One commenter called it “a gift to the internet” while another quipped that Henry could “screw my motherboard anytime he likes.” Needless to say, there were plenty of perverted comments from people who have obviously been locked up a little too long. But hey, women (and men!) have needs, so I can’t blame them.
  4. There was some legit appreciation for his gaming rig too. Some people commented expressing legit admiration and appreciation for Henry’s love of gaming and his dedication to being geeky enough to put his own machine together rather than just buying one ready-made. Frankly, I just liked the eye candy.


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