Here Are 10 Mind-Blowing Things The Best Kissers Do

When a kiss is really, really good, it can border on mind-blowing. Whether it’s a lead up to great sex or a lengthy makeout session, the best kissers know exactly what to do to get you going.

They tease you at first.

 And no, not in a bad way. At the very beginning of the kiss, the gentle sweep of their lips against yours, so close that you can feel their breath, builds up anticipation so that when the kiss finally gets going, you seriously can’t wait any longer.

They vary pressure.

Mediocre kissers will keep things the same the whole way through, but just like with sex, variety is everything. The best kissers will not only vary pressure, but they’ll move their heads, use more tongue at some points and less at others to keep things interesting.

They keep things fresh.

This should be a no-brainer, but there are plenty of bad kissers out there who go in with garlic breath or worse. You want to be a good kisser? Invest in a good toothbrush, tongue scraper and floss — and steer clear of smelly foods at dinner.

They breathe.

I don’t just mean that they keep their breathing even so they don’t get as out of breath as they would after a long run. I mean that, as they pause to kiss your neck, they let their breath linger there. It tickles and gets your heart racing in the best possible way.

They know what to do with their hands.

Nothing shoots that tingly feeling down your spine faster than a well-placed palm on your cheek or a hand resting on the side of your neck. They might even trace small circles on your back with their fingers. The best kissers don’t just use their mouths. Speaking of which…

They’re all about contact.

The best kissers — the ones that you could see yourself kissing for hours, days or years — don’t just know what to do with their hands; they use their whole body. They press against you just gently enough that you can feel them without it becoming lewd.

They aren’t afraid to bite.

A little lip nibble here and there turns a boring kiss into something sexy and sultry. The bites are gentle to avoid actually breaking skin, but insistent enough that you feel the kisser’s hunger.

They let their mouths wander.

They might migrate to your jawline for a second, your temple, or maybe even your collar bone, if it’s exposed.

They know when to stop.

The ending of a kiss is just as important as the beginning. A great kisser knows how to expertly signal the end of a kiss with the turn of their head. It doesn’t feel abrupt, yet it leaves you wanting more.

They can read you like a book.

Above all else, a good kisser senses your body language and your own kissing skills to tailor their technique to you. As easy as it is to get caught up in a really great, mind-altering and body-warming kiss, always pay attention to your partner.

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