Here’s What Happens When You Finally Land The Unicorn Guy

After dating way too many jerks, nothing feels better than finally coming across that one guy who makes everything in your past worth it. As frustrating as dating can be at times, especially if you’ve been single AF for years, the unicorn guy makes it all seem like a drop in the bucket compared to what was always waiting for you. If you haven’t gotten there yet, don’t give up — here’s what you have to look forward to when you finally find your unicorn guy:

  1. You no longer have to guard your heart. You’re used to having a wall up just in case the guy who seems great turns out to be a giant disappointment, but that feeling falls away naturally with the guy who’s actually worth your heart’s investment. It’s nice to finally feel like you can trust yourself to fall again — you know he’s going to catch you.
  2. You feel genuinely excited for every new day with him. Even if you’re not spending every day together, you’re genuinely happy and excited for every day he’s in your life. When his name pops up on your phone, you can’t wait to read and reply — and for once, you don’t have to hold back and wait to avoid seeming too eager because he’s just as eager as you are.
  3. He makes you more motivated because he believes in you. It’s not like you weren’t motivated before him, but when the unicorn guy comes into your life, your ambitions go into overdrive. He’s proud of who you are exactly right now and he supports your goals in becoming whoever you want to be, and it’s empowering AF. Being with him ignites that extra fire for you to keep killing it.
  4. He doesn’t hesitate to commit to you. When the subject of where things are headed comes up, he doesn’t hesitate to call you his girlfriend and make things official. It’s because he’s not just a unicorn guy, he’s the antithesis of a players and he knows how to date like a normal human being. There’s no point in spending time with you if he doesn’t see a future and he wants you in his life in a real way.
  5. You’re grateful you didn’t end up with one of the jerks in your past. You’ll look back on all those jerks you dated before and wonder how you ever entertained them at all. You never deserved to be ghosted, cheated on, lied to or any of the other crap those other guys put you through and you know it because the man in your life now has shown you how you deserve to be treated — like gold.
  6. You’re annoyingly happier. When you’ve found a good quality man, there’s an extra pep in your step that’s annoying to others, but you DGAF because you’re finally genuinely happy. You sing a little louder, laugh a littler harder and love everything about life a little stronger. It feels good to finally be rid of the misery.
  7. He makes you feel beautiful even in your worst state. You might think you’re a hot drooling mess in the morning, but that’s when he thinks you’re the sexiest. It’s hard to believe that there’s someone who can accept you at every angle and at every moment, but he does wholeheartedly.
  8. You don’t question how he feels about you — he shows you all the time. The unicorn guy doesn’t leave you hanging and wondering where things are going or how he feels about you because he shows you every single day. He doesn’t hesitate to invite you to things that are scheduled way later down the line and he compliments you all the time. He appreciates you the same way you appreciate him and it’s pretty refreshing.
  9. You feel more confident in yourself. Nothing has changed about you but somehow, it feels like you’ve just gotten a brand new wardrobe and you feel like a million bucks. You’re basically glowing.
  10. He communicates with you maturely even if crap hits the fan. You’re not the perfect couple and disagreements are bound to happen, but when they do, he doesn’t shut you down or call you a psycho like so many jerks before him. Instead, he understands the concept of patience and he knows what it takes to make a relationship strong — communication. He’s not about to let something petty ruin your relationship and he also doesn’t want the two of you to be at odds with each other. He wants harmony the same way that you do, so he stands up like a man and deals with conflict maturely.
  11. You never want to lose him. This guy has made an impact on you in all the right ways. You’re happier and you feel more valued than any guy has ever made you feel. He’s the guy you want to rise to the occasion for and return the smiles he keeps putting on your face by doing things to put one on his. He’s not a one in a million guy, he’s once in a lifetime and you value his place in your life and your heart. For that reason, you’re never going to let him get away.