Here’s How You Know You’ve Finally Met A Guy Worth Going All-In On

We all want someone in our lives who’s funny, caring, honest, and loyal — but when it comes to going all-in with a new partner, there are smaller details that should be just as important. These subtle traits are overlooked by most, but you should really keep an eye out for these signs if you’re thinking about diving into a new relationship:

  1. He Plays Nice With Your Friends. The chances that he’ll love your friends and want to spend an absurd amount of time with them are slim, but if he can be respectful and cordial to them, it’s definitely a good sign. Your friends are going to be in your life regardless of who you’re dating, so if they can get along with your guy without any issues, it’s just one less problem you have to worry about.
  2. He Gets Creative About Date Nights. Dinner and a movie aren’t the only things on his agenda. The guy who deserves to be in your life will go out of his way to plan exciting and creative dates. He’ll keep you on your feet and you’ll never know what he has in store for the two of you. This keeps the relationship fun and will keep you interested down the line when the honeymoon phase wears off.
  3. He’s Always Reminded of You. The guy who’s a keeper will always be reminded of you. He won’t be able to go to the grocery store or the library without seeing something that reminds him of you. This means you’re always on his mind and he’s always thinking of you. That’s definitely a good thing!
  4. He Asks the Right Questions. Sure, he cares what your favorite color is, but the guy who’s worth going all-in will dig a bit deeper. He asks you about your hopes, your dreams, your most embarrassing moment, and what your preferred superpower would be if you could be a superhero for a day. Not only that, he actually cares about the answers to those questions.
  5. He Uses “We” a Lot. This guy is trying to stick around for a long time. He’s not interested in a brief fling or a hookup. He sees you in his future and he’s not afraid to tell you so. The guy who’s worth it will mentally make plans for the two of you five years in advance and he’ll slowly start to clue you in on how much he wants you to be involved in his life. If everything he says includes the word “we” instead of “I,” just know that he’s taking you and your relationship seriously.
  6. He Remembers the Little Things. You expect him to remember your birthday, but what about all the other important days in your life? The guy who pays attention to the little things is a guy who’s definitely a keeper. If he sends flowers to your office because he knows you have an important presentation or sends you an encouraging message on the anniversary of a devastating event in your life, this is the type of guy you need to hold on to.
  7. He Doesn’t Judge You On Your Past. Some guys will ask a gazillion questions about your past only to hold everything against you in the long run. The guy you should really give your all to would never judge you for something you did five years ago. He knows that people change and evolve over time. He only asks about your past to get a better understanding of who you are today, not to throw your past actions back in your face.
  8. He’s Always in Contact. You can’t expect him to text and call you all day long — the guy has a life, after all — but if he’s serious about being with you, he won’t let too many days pass by before he reaches out to you. Chatting with you on the phone and exchanging texts is something that comes naturally to him. It doesn’t feel forced at all and talking to you always brings a smile to his face. Whenever he has a free second, he’ll be anxious to make your hotline bling.
  9. He Always Offers to Help. When you mention you’re moving out of your apartment at the end of the month, he offers to help you move without thinking twice. If you’re left stranded on the side of the road after blowing a tire, he’ll race to your side to help you out and provide some moral support. This is the type of guy who will make a great partner in the long run. He’s always there when you need him — you don’t even have to ask.
  10. He Has Your Back No Matter What. He’s not about to let his friends dog you out in his presence and when his ex-girlfriend gets a bit too flirty in his Instagram comments, he puts her right in her place before you can reply to her comment with the middle finger emoji. He not only treats you with respect but he makes sure everyone in his life does too. This is the kind of guy you need to have in your corner. Knowing you have someone who will always go to bat for you makes navigating your way through life so much easier.
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