Here’s How You Know The Sex You’re Having Is Hot AF

Here’s How You Know The Sex You’re Having Is Hot AF ©iStock/ondine32

You should never underestimate the power of good sex — it can totally change your life. When you’re with someone with whom you’re perfectly sexually compatible, whether in a casual or committed relationship, every other aspect of your existence tends to improve by 1,000%. If you’ve just started having sex with someone and experience any of the things listed below, chances are you’ve landed a seriously satisfying sex partner. Congrats!

  1. You walk around with a smile on your face all week. Sex is a physical activity, and physical activities allow your body to release endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. It’s no surprise that you’re in a good mood after having sex, but if the sex is really good — I mean, REALLY good — you’ll likely be grinning like a fool for days after doing the deed.
  2. Flashbacks turn you on instantly. Randomly, you’ll recall the hottest moments of having sex with your partner and just a quick flashback will make you all hot and bothered. It doesn’t matter where you are, either. You could be in your car, at work, or in the grocery store and you’ll probably become all kinds of turned on.
  3. You feel addicted to your partner’s body. No matter how many times you two have sex, you want more. You can’t get enough of how perfectly you fit together, and how good you make each other feel. Sex with them becomes like a drug and you can’t wait for your next hit.
  4. You can’t stop thinking about it. You could be in the middle of a complex task at work or during a rigorous workout, and all you can think about is how hot the last time was and how soon it can happen again. It’s truly the only thing on your mind — well, maybe not the ONLY thing, but it’s certainly at the forefront.
  5. You’re so distracted, you unintentionally skip a meal. You don’t skip meals — that’s not you. Often during a meal, you’ll be thinking about your next one because hello, food is delicious. But not after you’ve found a stellar sex partner. Your head is a hazy cloud of horny and all of a sudden you realize you forgot to eat lunch. AND you’re not even hungry. Who are you?
  6. Just mention of their name gives you butterflies. Little things will remind you of them and make you smile. You make up excuses to say their name just to hear it come out of your mouth. And when anyone else brings them up, it’s like hearing you’ve won the lottery. Yeah, you’ve got it bad.
  7. You’d rather have sex with them than do anything else. When you make plans to see them, nothing sounds as fun as staying in and having sex all night. Go see a movie? Nah. Meet up with friends at a bar? Pass. Go grab some dinner? Maybe, but only for pre-sex fuel.
  8. Your former sex partners don’t even compare. You can’t believe you wasted so much time with previous partners who aren’t even in the same league as your current one. Most of them were just plain terrible. Why couldn’t you meet your current guy sooner? You feel like you’ve wasted so much time.
  9. And you can’t imagine it getting any better than this. This is clearly the best you’ve ever had, so you wonder if it could get any better. Probably not, and then you wonder if this means they’re the one you’re meant to spend forever with.
  10. You’re totally down to do it in public. You crave them so badly that you may not even be able to wait to get home or at least get somewhere somewhat private before going at it. Sex in public isn’t something you’ve ever been comfortable with, but if it means you can start having sex with your partner now instead of waiting five minutes, you’re in (or at least more open to being in than you would’ve been in the past)!
  11. They make you feel completely desired. They look at you with hunger in their eyes. You know you do the same. It feels primal, instinctual, and magnetic when you two have sex, like nothing short of a massive earthquake could separate your bodies. And when you’re with them, you feel your best and your sexiest. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  12. Everything they do is sexy. You two could be fully clothed and unshowered and every little thing they do is hot. When they take a bite of food, you imagine them lightly biting your ear. When they carry groceries inside the house, you picture them carrying you into the bedroom. Every body part of theirs is yours to worship, and they feel the same way about you. Yum.
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