Here’s How You Know You’ve Finally Found Your Perfect Guy

When you get comfortable in your relationship, it’s easy to begin to feel bored, uncertain, or even a little disillusioned with your boyfriend. However, it’s important to appreciate what you have, especially if it’s a guy that does these 10 things—he’s exactly the guy you’ve been looking for.

  1. He’s quick to end an argument. So many relationships end because of silly arguments. Others end because continually being in conflict with someone else overshadows everything that’s good in a relationship. If your boyfriend is always quick to say he’s sorry or approach you first after a moment of disconnect, you’ve got a winner on your hands.
  2. He owns up to his mistakes. No one likes admitting that they’ve messed up. It puts us in a vulnerable position where we need someone’s forgiveness. If your boyfriend is brave enough to swallow his pride and own up to his mistakes, then that means he’s ready to grow and learn. A relationship with him will only get better with time.
  3. He doesn’t pressure you to change who you are. The kind of pressure I’m talking about often doesn’t come out in direct conversation; it’s found in a lot of offhand comments and backward compliments. Anyone who truly loves you will love you warts and all. It’s not that they’re blind to your faults, it’s that they choose to focus on the positive. If your boyfriend has never made you feel less than in any way, you’d better hang on to him.
  4. He inspires you to become a better person. This is one of the clearest signs that you’ve met “The One.” The best way to influence a person is not through words but actions. If being with your boyfriend is making you a better person, congrats—you’ve found one of those rare wonderful relationships so many people dream about. Appreciate it! Far too many people bring out the worse in each other and it leads to a toxic, unhappy life.
  5. He still wants to know more about you. At the beginning of a relationship, we tend to cover a lot of ground: family, jobs, childhood. But someone who truly cares about you wants to know everything. They want to know about the dark times, the things you think are insignificant and happy moments you had without them. Why? Because knowing more about someone makes you feel closer to them. If he’s trying to learn more about you, then he wants to get as close to you as humanly possible. Now that’s real intimacy.
  6. He doesn’t keep you from the things that you love. Contrary to popular belief, relationships aren’t always about finding a middle ground. After all, human beings have different needs—needs that can’t always be met by your partner. If your boyfriend is willing to step back and let you take part in things that are just for you and entirely separate from him then he truly loves you. True love is what allows us to let someone fly without us.
  7. He enjoys spending time with your friends and family. Marriage is about joining two lives. If he’s already getting comfortable with their friends and family, that means he’s making plans for future with you. You have to love a man who knows what he wants!
  8. He’s emotionally vulnerable with you. Many men are raised to hide their feelings, or at least not to advertise them or work through them vocally with anyone else. If your boyfriend tells you exactly how he feels and lets you be there for him when he’s down, that means he completely trusts you. Trust is a hard thing for anyone to give. Don’t abuse it.
  9. He cherishes you. To me, anything a man does to go above and beyond as your partner equates to him cherishing you. The one complaint I hear from a lot of women in long-term relationships is one we’ve all witnessed. Men tend to change once you make things official. If your boyfriend goes the extra mile for you and a regular basis, even after months together, you’re one lucky girl.
  10. He’s never lost his temper with you. My grandmother always told me that this is the ultimate sign that you’ve found a good man. Everyone gets frustrated, but when you find a way to channel that frustration in a different direction or you walk away before you express it, that’s real love. Real love is not wanting to hurt someone else. As I said, material things don’t matter. A man that treats you right is the best boyfriend a girl good have.
Hannah is a twenty-something-year-old freelance writer, obsessed with reality TV, and all things sweet.