Here’s How You Know The Idiot Might Not Be Worth It

When you really like a guy, it can be tempting to give him your all… even when he doesn’t deserve it. Before you get too attached to him, make sure he’s not doing these things that prove he’s not worth a second more of your time:

  1. He Gives You His Number But Ignores You When You Get In Touch. At first I was nervous about approaching this one guy. When I finally got the courage to make a move, I thought I had a real chance with him when he gave me his number practically right off the bat. When I tried calling him though, I always got the voicemail, whether the phone was off or not. When I’d try texting him, he’d never reply. The only thing that’d make it worse would be if he’d given me a fake number (which is also a possibility).
  2. He Keeps Flaking On You. With another guy, I got past the barrier of being able to get in touch with him and got that first date set up. I was all excited about it, and then got the biggest disappointment when he texted me to cancel at the last minute — something had come up. I told him that I understood and we could take a rain check. When this started to become a regular pattern, however, I had to call it quits on the guy. If the guy you’re talking to is doing the same thing to you, you’re going to be better off if you just let him go his own way.
  3. He Never Follows through on Plans With You. It’s one thing to make plans, but it’s another to actually act on them. Several times I’d make plans with this guy I liked, and he’d agree that we definitely  needed to get together. But I would always be the one to figure out most of it. It got a little annoying after the umpteenth time. Never wait around for a guy who only seems to want to date you in theory.
  4. He Doesn’t give you individual attention in a group setting. When I was still trying to approach a former crush, I would hang out with him with our mutual friends. But whenever I tried to address him directly, he didn’t really make it a point to give me much of his attention. I thought at the time that it was just hard to since we were around other people, but now I see the truth: he simply had no interest in me and wasn’t worth my time.
  5. He’s evasive about making things official. I was itching for things to move forward with a guy I was once casually seeing. But when I’d bring up the question, “Are we a thing?”, he would never give me a straight answer. I guess these days, if it isn’t Facebook official, you could say that you aren’t, but then you’d have to try to get out of him why you aren’t Facebook official, which still might get you nowhere. If he’s that weird about commitment, you’re better off just cutting your losses and moving on from him.
  6. He’s Difficult To Communicate With. Nothing’s worse than when you’re hopeful for a relationship with a guy and he’s terrible with communication. That’s not to say that he isn’t easy to approach, but it’s hard to get solid answers out of him, especially when things gravitate towards relationship stuff. It’s like he’s completely clueless about how to have a serious conversation, which is a pretty good sign that he’s not going to be relationship material any time soon.
  7. He’s not dependable. This one speaks for itself. If he says he’s going to do something for you and then doesn’t no matter how many times you remind him, you should reconsider your effort to have him for a boyfriend. If he can’t he even keep a simple promise like taking you to pick up your car from the mechanic, how can he be expected to keep the really big promises?
  8. He’s A Jerk About How You Feel About Him. Sometimes we crush on a guy for what feels like forever, but are too afraid to admit our feelings. A big part of it is because so many guys become instant jerks the moment they find out that you really like them. Whether he’s a jerk about it to your face, or he finds out from someone else and calls you “crazy” behind your back, he’s not worth it. Just because he doesn’t return your feelings doesn’t mean he has to be cruel about it.
  9. He takes advantage of your feelings for him. It’s seriously the worst when a guy acts like he returns your feelings when he really doesn’t, all so he can get something out of you. If he’s a good actor and you’ve fallen for him hard enough, this can be hard for you to detect or easy for you to ignore, especially if he creates the illusion that your relationship is based on give and take, rather than being all about what he can get from you. Even if the illusion is good though, hopefully you’ll pick up on it. Instead of trying to change him into the man you want, confront him about it and drop him as soon as you can. Don’t give him the satisfaction of getting away with dangling that unattainable carrot over you.
  10. He Takes What You Do For Him For Granted. He might not necessarily use your affection to his advantage — perhaps he just doesn’t appreciate what you do for him as much as he probably should. This can be a result of him being unaware of your feelings, but even so, he still should take better care to appreciate what you do for him. If he can’t even do that much, you’re just wasting your time on him.