Here’s What NOT To Do When He Won’t Text You Back

You just sent a text to your crush, your boyfriend, your booty call, your ex, or some random you met at the bar last night and get zero response. Before you work yourself into a tizzy over an unanswered text, let me save you from yourself by keeping you from ever doing these things:

  1. Don’t contact his friends. Are you trying to become known as the “crazy girl” in his inner circle? There should never be a time when you reach out to a guy’s crew to find out why he hasn’t hit you back. Besides coming across as a stalker, they’ll probably either ignore you or read your message out loud in front of everyone and laugh uncontrollably at your desperation. If a guy isn’t responding to you, reaching out to his friends won’t solve the problem. If anything, it’ll only make things worse.
  2. Don’t send Him a DM. There’s an unspoken rule about how, where, and when you should reply to messages. If you send a guy a text, you should never ever follow up by trying to reach out to him via DM on social media. You’re probably telling yourself that your text message didn’t go through so you’ll message him on Facebook since you know he’s always online, but this is a terrible idea. He got your text. If he isn’t responding to you he probably has a good reason why, but if you reach out to him using other forms of communication, it’ll probably delay his response even further.
  3. Don’t call from a Blocked Number. It may be tempting to call him from a blocked number—you know, just to make sure he’ll answer to confirm he’s still alive and well. But this is another tactic that’ll push any guy even further away from you. He’s going to know it’s you that’s calling and it’ll probably creep him out beyond belief. Don’t stoop to this level of desperation—he’ll get back to you when he’s free.
  4. Don’t visit His Hangout Spots. Even though you know which bar he goes to every Friday night with his friends, by no means should you ever pop up there to confront him. You’re not only going to embarrass yourself in front of everyone who’s there, but that’ll probably be the last time you ever see him again.
  5. Don’t double Text. If you’ve already sent one message and he hasn’t replied, don’t even thinking about sending a second one. Double texting is a major no-no, also known as the relationship kiss of death. He might finally reply just to get you off his back, but don’t be surprised if any further communication between the two of you comes to a screeching halt.
  6. Don’t Low-Key Call Him Out on Social Media. I get it—you’re ticked off. How dare he leave you on “read” and not even bother to reply to your message, right? You probably think the only way to get his attention now is to post a meme on social media about how you don’t chase guys, you replace them—or some other dumb, passive aggressive message that you hope will light a fire under his ass. This won’t make him spring into action—it’ll only make him view you as immature and possibly a little high-strung, so keep the subliminal digs off of social media for the time being if you want him to ever reach back out to you.
  7. Don’t Worry About It. Stop worrying yourself over another person’s actions or lack thereof. There could be a million and one reasons why he hasn’t responded but do you really want to tire yourself over all the possible reasons why he isn’t blowing up your phone?
  8. Don’t guess at what’s behind his lack of response. Your friends have their own problems to deal with—they don’t need to be sucked into this dilemma of yours. If they’re good friends, they’ll probably entertain you for a few minutes. They might even try to cheer you up by telling you you’re too good for someone who ignores your messages (and they’re right). But there are so many other things you could be focusing your attention on. Even with the help of a friend, you’ll still never be able to figure out why TF he’s holding out on contacting you.
  9. Don’t sit Around and Wait. You’re not really going to sit by the phone all weekend and wait for him to hit you up, are you? This is the time for you to put on something cute, call up your girls, and have some wild fun out on the town. When you keep yourself busy, an unanswered text will be the last thing on your mind.
  10. Block His Number. You do want him to text you back eventually, right, so why the hell would you block his number? Stop playing silly games and give him a chance to at least to explain himself. If he finally responds like nothing ever happened, that’s when you can make the decision on whether or not he’s someone worthy of being in your life.
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