Here’s What That Kiss You Shared With Him Really Meant

There are many types of kisses that you might share with a guy at different stages of a relationship. There is no “one size fits all” and it depends on your connection as to which one feels right in the moment. How many of these have you had?

  1. The polite peck on the cheek Usually, the polite peck on the cheek is a safe way to tell someone you’re just not that into them after a date or that you’d prefer to stay friends. Alternatively, it can signal that you’re not ready for the next step and feel like taking things slow. If you want to be all European about it, you can even give a guy two light kisses on the cheek as a friendly greeting at the beginning of a date or at the end as a respectful way of saying “nice to meet you.”
  2. The brief kiss on the lips (no tongues) This type of kiss often says “I like you but this is a first date and I don’t want to go too fast.” It can also say “I’ve been hurt before and I have barriers up that you’ve got to tear down first.” It signifies that you like a guy without being too full-on, which is a surefire way of leaving your date wanting more.
  3. The dubious Frenchie The dubious Frenchie is just as exciting as it is scary. It’s often the first kiss with tongues that you have with a guy you’ve been dating or the kiss you have with your best male friend when you’re not sure you want to take it to the next level. It can even be the first kiss you have on a night out with a stranger when you’re single and lonely. Either way, it’s fun but tentative at the same time until you feel those nerves slowly melt away.
  4. The sweet peck on the forehead A kiss on the forward is much more of a sweet gesture that you reserve for guy who you’re in a relationship with. It’s a sign of trust and comfort, whether you’re new to being lovers or you’ve been together 20 years. Compassionate and warm, it tends to say “I love you” in an entirely non-sexual manner.
  5. The cute kiss on the nose Another kiss that you typically reserve for a relationship, a kiss on the nose is a cute way of showing how fond you are of your boyfriend. You know, when you’re lying in bed together after making love or chilling on the sofa hungover after a dinner party that got out of hand the night before. It shows the sincerity of your love and how much you care about your other half in a unique, endearing way.
  6. The fast, passionate Frenchie The kind of kiss we all get the most excited about, the fast, passionate Frenchie is the best kiss with tongues that there is, am I right? It occurs when you’re in lust and all you want to do is have sex with him right there and then. There’s often a lot of tongue, a lot of heat, and a lot of fire involved—and maybe even some lip biting if you’re into it. It basically says “I want you now” and it’s the kind of kiss that always makes us girls weak at the knees.
  7. The long, slow, and tender kiss This is how you kissed your first love. Do you remember that? How you would make out with your teen beau for hours because it would feel so adorable and intimate? Well, that feeling never goes away with this type of kiss. It also occurs when you’re in love with someone and you’re not going to see them for a long time—for example, long-distance relationships—or when you’re having really romantic sex with a guy. Whether it’s with or without tongues, it’s a lovely kind of kiss that we all enjoy.
  8. The “I’m-trying-to-turn-you-on” neck kiss Neck kisses are a bit like marmite—you either love them or hate them. Super sensual and often a predecessor to what’s about to happen in the bedroom, they’re often popular with long-term lovers. Why? Well, the neck is an erogenous zone full of sensitive nerve endings and these kinds of kisses can feel quite intimate, therefore, they tend to be reserved for couples who are in a close relationship.
  9. The Eskimo kiss An Eskimo kiss is when you rub noses with your other half instead of actually kissing them with your lips. Often what kids do with their parents as a sign of affection, Eskimo kisses can be dubbed as corny but it’s also something certain couples like to do together to feel close to one another. It’s all about being physically close with your guy, looking into his eyes, and feeling his breath as you do it. Whichever kinds of kisses you prefer, they work together to enable you to feel more connected to the guy you have romantic feelings for. And they make our days just that little bit brighter.
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