Here’s Why Strong Women Have More Satisfying Relationships

You might think it’s harder to find a happy relationship as a strong, independent woman but honestly, your alpha status can lead to an incredible connection, so don’t change. Here are 16 reasons why love will be so much more amazing for you once you find it:

  1. You don’t mess around. You’re not one for playing games in relationships, like being passive-aggressive or playing hard to get. You avoid mixed messages completely and expect the same from your partner. The result is that you both get real with each other. It’s the only way to be happy.
  2. “Settling” isn’t in your vocabulary. You wouldn’t settle for someone average just because you’re tired of being alone. Hell no. As a strong woman, you know what you want and keep it in line with what you deserve. People call this “fussy” but you just don’t do mediocre. (Sorry not sorry.) The bonus is that when a man dates you, he knows you’re with him for the right reasons.
  3. You need your space. Every now and then, you need to have some time to yourself in a relationship to do what you love, spend time with other people, and chase your passions. This is a must and it makes for a healthy relationship because you can’t be happy if you’re stifling your needs.
  4. You’re independent AF. If your boyfriend can’t accompany you to an event, you go on your own. You make your own choices and decisions without feeling like you’ve got to turn to your boyfriend for his nod of approval. This is good because it means that you don’t need to be looked after. Sure, you want a partner who cares about you and supports you, but you’re certainly not needy.
  5. Your standards get met. A strong woman gets what she wants once she sets her eyes on it. If you want a certain partner, you don’t lower your standards to get him. You know that the right guy will rise to satisfy your standards. The bonus? As an alpha female, you’re also meeting his standards because you’re the full package.
  6. You’re kickass confident. You know your worth and won’t let it depend on your partner’s opinions or approval. This makes you an amazing partner because you’re strong and believe in yourself, without any inhibitions. Needless to say, it also makes you great in the sack.
  7. You don’t wait for life to come to you—you go get it. You won’t find yourself sitting around and wasting your time in a relationship if it’s starting to crumble. You’ve got better things to do with your precious time, like build your empire. This is awesome because it means you know you can be fine on your own without a man in your life, so you’re not clingy or desperate.
  8. You don’t let issues fester. When a problem crops up in your relationship, you don’t let it build up or become toxic. You face things head on and nip issues in the bud so you can move past them.
  9. You’re your partner’s biggest cheerleader. You’re tough and strong, so you make an excellent support system for your partner. You’re there to build him up, cheer him on and make him become a better person—as long as you get the same support in return, of course. This isn’t a charity.
  10. You work hard on yourself. You’re not just making stuff happen in your career but with yourself. You’re always striving to be better, which means a man who gets with you is guaranteed that you’ll be putting in effort.
  11. You speak up for yourself. Being submissive and trying to accommodate a man? That’s not what you’re about! You speak up a lot and share your opinions and feelings without fear. This gets you respected—or intimidating to the wrong men, who’ll soon find themselves dumped.
  12. You make it funSince you get bored easily, you try to inject a fun aspect into your relationships. This makes you addictive to be around. It’s such a myth that a strong, independent woman is someone who’s all work and no play—you put in as much effort in your downtime as you do in your 9-to-5.
  13. You celebrate your differences. You don’t feel insecure about what makes you different—you flaunt it and love it! This means you don’t try to hide your “flaws” or real self in order to impress men, which cuts out a lot of relationship BS. Men find you refreshing.
  14. You’ve got a high EQ. You’re smart AF, and not just when it comes to your IQ. Your emotional intelligence is high, which makes you figure out situations, follow your gut and show empathy. These are crucial in relationships because they bring heart into them. You’re the perfect mix of strength and soul.
  15. You don’t compete with other women. You’re not the kind of woman who’ll get jealous or insecure. If your guy’s showing suspicious behavior, you’ll face it instead of worrying about it. And you definitely won’t feel unnecessary insecurities. You’re above such pettiness.
  16. You’re not afraid to be single. You’ll fight for your relationship but you won’t hold onto it long after its expiration date or become super clingy because you’re afraid to be alone. You can look after yourself and lead a fabulous life with or without a man, and no one’s going to hold you back. This also makes you great girlfriend material because you love wholeheartedly without turning your relationship into a possession or something to rescue you. You’re in it because you want it, not because you can’t live without it.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.